There was a time when antivirus software was enough protection. This is not the case any longer! Consider some of the modern threats we face:

  • Weaponized Documents: These documents are seemingly harmless PDFs or other attachments that execute attacks upon entering your network.
  • Fileless Threats: These threats execute from memory, making them difficult to detect.
  • Zero-Day Threats: These threats exploit system vulnerabilities rapidly—before updates can be issued.

You might think your antivirus software will already be looking for threats such as these. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Did you know your antivirus software only looks for yesterday’s threats? Stop using the rearview mirror to navigate the security landscape for your business. Let celito drive your security forward with managed endpoint detection and response (also known as managed EDR).

Managed EDR

It is easier to begin by describing how managed EDR does not work than by describing how it does work. It does not use out-of-date signatures (also known as digital fingerprints) to find threats, like antivirus programs do. It does not rely on lengthy daily or weekly scans.

What managed EDR does is monitor threats in real-time using artificial intelligence. This helps you to detect and prevent attacks. In the event that your system’s defenses are breached, you can also roll back infected devices to their pre-infection state.

Roll Back Your Devices

In addition to continuous monitoring, managed endpoint detection and response allows you to simply click to restore machines to healthy, pre-infected versions of themselves. It does not matter what caused the infection—you can roll back the machine to better times, as if the infection never happened.

Antivirus programs slow down your network with lengthy scans. They fly blind during execution, too, exposing your system to threats. Managed endpoint detection and response monitors processes before, during, and after execution, preventing new threats from emerging. Another bonus is the system will pull the device off the network if it is compromised, thus stopping any potential spread of the threat. This feature is something traditional AV didn’t have built-in.

Win the Ransomware Battle

There’s no need to pay expensive ransoms to cyberattackers. Our managed EDR service pays for itself by helping to keep you safe and secure.

Increase employee productivity and eliminate threats that evade traditional antivirus solutions. Achieve faster device performance, along with fewer distractions from scans and updates.

Let us manage this complex process for you. You don’t need to spend time and energy supporting your own systems and security. With ongoing support as your managed services provider, we make things easy.

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