Why Doctors, Law Offices, and Non-Profits Use Dedicated Secure Internet

As a business internet provider, we at celito recognize the unique needs that businesses throughout the area hold. Our team proudly offers celito fiber services for businesses around Raleigh, including doctors, law offices, and non-profit organizations.

Many of these businesses will require a Dedicated Secure Internet connection that is essential for the security of an organization.

A Dedicated Secure Internet link will provide any entity with the help it deserves for handling various connection needs.

What Is a Dedicated Secure Internet Connection?

Business Internet solutions can be useful, but sometimes it requires extra protection. A Dedicated Secure Internet connection is a fixed-bandwidth link that runs directly to the business. It provides an entity with dedicated bandwidth it does not share with other parties.

A provider will offer a specific amount of bandwidth for each client. The type of dedicated connection one uses will vary, but many can utilize a dedicated fiber link like we at celito provide. A fiber connection will offer gigabit speeds in moments.

What Makes It Special?

There are many reasons why a dedicated fiber Internet for non-profits. law offices, medical offices, and other professionals can be useful:

  • The maximum connection speed will be consistent and predictable. You won’t worry about the actual speed on a page being slower at specific points in the day.
  • The upload and download speeds are nearly identical. The upload speeds don’t have to be a fraction of the download speeds.
  • Your dedicated link will be on your own network. It doesn’t rely on a backbone network that might be jammed and otherwise tough to maintain.
  • The link gives the user full control over whatever security features one wishes to use. A dedicated firewall or another link may work on something, for example.

Why Is It Popular Among Professionals?

The reasons why these specific entities use these connections are simple:

  • A dedicated system is more secure, as it does not entail using the same resources as other parties. It is harder for signals to be lost.
  • A professional can use one’s dedicated security resources, including a private firewall. The system ensures sensitive documents and data a doctor’s office or another firm may hold will be kept secure.
  • Dedicated connections provide faster download times for massive files. These include CT scan files that might be a gigabyte in size, for example.
  • Non-profits that need to keep their funds in the organization can be assured the safety of their funds in a dedicated platform. These groups and others won’t risk losing bandwidth access to help them handle backups and other security-related processes.

Many of these professional parties handle vast amounts of money, plus they can manage sensitive info. A dedicated link makes it easier for them to protect their funds and ensure there are no struggles with keeping these details in check and safe from harm.

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