Partnering With Duo to Bring Our Clients Better 2FA

We’re bringing our clients the very best option available when it comes to their security.

At celito, we’ve partnered with Duo to deliver even more comprehensive security in our IT consulting services. With Duo 2-factor authentication, our clients will enjoy the most reliable authentication available today, bringing them increased safety for all of their business needs.

Why Your Business Needs 2FA

Nearly every business handles some amount of data that they need to keep private. Security is always a pressing concern, whether that’s their business correspondence, financial information, customer data, or remote work access networks.

Network security is one area where small and medium businesses tend to lag behind larger corporations. Without extensive IT departments, this essential part of doing business in an online world is overlooked.

Phishing attacks, data breaches, and more threaten the integrity of your business. Organizations are vulnerable through weak passwords, unattended devices, and infiltration through email spoofing that gets employees to hand over network access.

It’s simple enough in concept. When an employee or other user logs in to the network, app, or service, they need more than just their password. Depending on the configuration, they’ll need to use a secondary authentication app on their device or receive a unique code through text, call, or email. 2FA is an essential layer of security that can stop many security threats dead in their tracks.

That means that someone with your employee’s login information can’t get through with that alone. They’ll need both their password and their device. That sets up two lines of defense. Remote attackers can’t get in without access to a company device, and anyone that steals a device can’t get in without the password.

Duo’s Multifactor Authentication

Our partnership with Duo lets us integrate their 2FA into our security, IT, and network solutions. Their tools are intuitive for businesses to use and incredibly secure. We’re bringing our clients the very best option available when it comes to their security.

One of the main benefits is the quick and easy setup for your business. While some solutions take weeks to months to integrate, Duo 2FA is a much faster implementation. It can also be scaled to suit any business no matter what their unique needs.

There are also versatile tools and analytics for managing and monitoring access. Notification-based approval ensures that access is both fast and secure. These notifications inform both users and administrators of new access points in connections, letting them react quickly to any unauthorized activity.

The platform also integrates single sign-on functionality for all your apps and services. Your employees can quickly and securely access all cloud services and files with a single sign-on through Duo’s 2FA.

Duo 2FA supports many different configurations. Authentication options include iOS and Android apps, along with both SMS and callbacks. Users can manage their settings, letting them choose the method that works best for them.

Celito Business IT and Data Solutions

The versatile applications of Duo’s 2FA are letting celito bring our clients more secure services. When your organization needs IT consulting, data center services, business fiber, or VoIP services, you can reach out to us today to find the perfect solution.