The 2022 Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference: Raleigh and Salt Lake City

This April, celito is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference.

We are Raleigh born, Raleigh grown, and supporting our home city is at the core of our company mission. That’s why we are so excited to travel to Salt Lake City with our local leaders for a great week!

What is the Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference?

The Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference is an initiative headed by the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

This annual conference connects Raleigh and Wake County business, government, and civic leaders with their counterparts in a similar North American city to swap ideas and learn from each other.

Past partner cities include Denver, Pittsburgh, Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Nashville, and Ottawa.

The Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conferences gives a chance for both participating cities to learn and grow.

It’s a premium networking opportunity for both established and up-and-coming community leaders and an amazing chance for Raleigh to see how comparable cities deal with similar policy issues.

Thanks to our burgeoning industries, excellent location, and world-class culture Raleigh is a city on the rise, and the Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference helps us make our mark, nationally and internationally!

Why Raleigh and Salt Lake City?

Raleigh and Salt Lake City are demographically similar cities with a lot to learn from each other. They both rank in the top 10 of the U.S. News’ Best Places to Live, and they are rapidly growing economies.

Both Raleigh and Salt Lake City have a similar population density and median ages of around 32 (5 years younger than the national average), reflecting the young professionals and families settling in the areas.

They also have similar costs of living and are both centers of education and culture with abundant outdoor space.

At the 2022 Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference, community leaders from Raleigh and Salt Lake City will discuss the pressing issues facing both cities.

As our communities expand and develop, we will discuss how to continue job growth and attract, empower, and retain talent while maintaining an inclusive, affordable environment.

Among the conference, speakers will be Governor Gary Hubert of Utah, Major Erin Mendenhall of Salt Lake City, Major Jenny Wilson of Salt Lake County, and President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber, Derek Miller.

Topics of discussion will include entrepreneurship, innovation, sports, entertainment, diversity, equity, public transit, housing affordability, and mental health initiatives.

By working together at the Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference, Raleigh and Salt Lake City will both become stronger!

celito is a Proud Sponsor

celito is proud to be the presenting sponsor for the 2022 Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference between Raleigh and Salt Lake City.

We have served our community for over 20 years, and by supporting the Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference, we are setting up or community for success in the next 20 years.

celito is Raleigh’s premier source for business fiber internet, VoIP, data centers, IT consulting, and internet solutions. We support other local businesses with our unique knowledge and capabilities.

Serving Raleigh is our passion, not just throughout superior internet services but also through our extensive philanthropy with children, the military, and the arts!

At celito, we believe in the local difference. There is nothing like a dedicated team that understands your business’ market inside and out, and we bring all the positivity, friendliness, and helpfulness of a neighbor!

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Did you know: Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Did you know: Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Did you know that some of your devices – like your desk phone, security camera, or Wi-Fi access points only use a single cable to work?

In an office setting some of your devices may utilize Power over Ethernet (or PoE) to receive both power and data.  This is very convenient because one cable just does it all without any need for an additional power supply.

The switches that work behind the scenes can provide both data and power to your devices.  Standard PoE provides up to 15.4 watts of power per device, which is enough for VoIP phones and basic cameras and Wi-Fi access points.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are working from home and decide to take your desk phone with you, you may need an external power adapter because your home network may not have a PoE capable switch.

For more advanced camera systems and more powerful Wi-Fi access points, you may need to ask for a PoE+ or PoE++ switch to properly power them.

PoE+ provides 30 watts of power for each device and PoE++ can provide up to 51 or 71 watts of power.  Please check your device requirements and let us know so we can recommend the best network gear that suits your needs!

Internet vs. WiFi: What’s the Difference?

From work to play and everything in between, we are online now more than ever. But what does that mean? 

While you may use the terms “internet” and “WiFi” interchangeably, they are not the same! Understanding the difference can improve your business’ speed and security.

celito is your premier source for fiber internet in Raleigh. We are a local business, and we are dedicated to serving our community. 

Let us answer all of your questions about the internet and WiFi and show you how fiber business internet can optimize your business.

What Is the Internet?

The concept of the internet dates all the way back to the dawn of the twentieth century when visionary scientist Nikola Tesla toyed with the idea of a “world wireless system.”

In the 1970s, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf developed the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), which provided the basis for computer communication across networks.

The modern internet took shape in 1990 when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee created the “World Wide Web.”

At its simplest, the internet is a language that computers use to communicate with each other. They send and receive data across extensive, interconnected global networks.

The internet includes all of the content that exists across the World Wide Web, from individual tweets to websites to cloud-based sharing systems.

To access the internet, you have a few different options: You can plug your device in with an ethernet cable, or you can use WiFi or cellular data.

What is WiFi?

If the internet is the language, WiFi is the signal. It’s how you access the data contained on the World Wide Web, which is shared via the internet.

WiFi is part of the local area network (LAN), just like an ethernet cable, and uses radio waves to send and receive data from a router.

WiFi allows you to access the internet on the go, without the need for a cable and facilitates local communication between devices on the same network.

The router itself is usually plugged into the internet with an ethernet cable. A typical WiFi signal will be strongest for about 100 feet, which is why you often notice your smartphone works better when it’s closer to the router.

When Do You Use WiFi vs. Ethernet?

WiFi and ethernet are two ways to access the internet. What is the right choice for you? It depends on your needs and priorities.

For your business, ethernet, especially with fiber internet, is usually the best choice.

WiFi is great for on-the-go and home use, allowing multiple devices, such as phones, TVs, and laptops, to access the same internet connection.

However, an ethernet connection has strong advantages for businesses, including:

  • Greater speed: WiFi is only about a quarter as fast as ethernet connections, especially business fiber internet that uses fiber optic cables.
  • Increased security: Ethernet connections give you total control over who can access your network.
  • More reliability: Unlike WiFi networks, which can easily lose signal to a device due to radio interruptions, your ethernet cord keeps you reliably connected.

Simply put, to be its best, your Raleigh business needs dedicated fiber internet.

Dedicated Fiber Internet in Raleigh

celito is Raleigh’s fiber internet expert. We are a local team that serves our community through business fiber internet and extensive philanthropy.

As a local business, we understand your business needs. To help you grow and thrive, we provide fast, reliable fiber business internet, as well as VoIP services, data center, and IT consulting.

Our business fiber internet already offers increased security. To take your protection to the next level, we have also partnered with Meraki Cisco firewalls, ensuring that your business’s sensitive data never falls into the wrong hands.

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