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Giving Back to Our Community

No one lives in a vacuum. Modern technology lets us communicate with anyone in a second, no matter whether they are across the street or across the world. We have never been more connected. All of these connections make up your community.

Our communities support us every day. Sometimes it’s in little ways, like the barista at your favorite coffee shop who has your order memorized, and sometimes it’s in big ways, like the plumber who rushed over when your pipes froze.

But how do you give back to the community that has been there for you?

celito is a local company that provides high-speed fiber internet to Raleigh, and we take our position as a member of our community seriously. Not only do we provide internet solutions to local businesses, but we also value giving back to our community.

How You Can Give Back

Giving back can be intimidating. There are so many worthy organizations out there and so many little ways that you can make a difference.

We recommend starting small and focusing on your local community’s needs. What changes would you like to see? What local organizations or businesses are you already passionate about supporting?

Do you see a need in your community that you could address? For example, if you notice that your kids’ textbooks are worn, a school fundraiser may be in order.

Ask around to see if any organizations in your community need help. Many of them may already have volunteer groups or other formal ways that you can support them. Check with your local:

  • Theaters, galleries, orchestras, and other arts organizations
  • Youth organizations
  • Small businesses
  • Food banks
  • Veterans’ and first responders’ organizations
  • Thrift shops
  • Schools
  • Charity organizations

There are also plenty of national service organizations, such Kiwanis International or the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, that may have a chapter in your area that you can join!

Remember, giving back isn’t just about money. You can also donate your time, your belongings, and even your special skills.

Some ways to give back without spending a penny include:

  • Tutoring or mentoring students
  • Participating in community cleanups
  • Giving old clothes to thrift shops
  • Donating goods or services to charity raffles
  • Raising awareness about a cause

When you give back to your community, you’re not just saying thanks to your hometown; you’re making it better, too.

Our Favorite Local Organizations

As a Raleigh fiber internet provider, celito is heavily invested in our community. Philanthropy has been at the core of our mission from the very beginning.

We have partnered with many local organizations to fund events and raise money throughout our community.

We bring our team spirit to supporting our troops. They sacrifice so much for us every day, and the least we can do is show them our gratitude. This past year, we helped sponsor the North Carolina State Football Military Appreciation Day game.

And save the date for the Carolina Hurricanes vs. Minnesota Wild Military Appreciation game on April 2nd, 2022! As a way of expressing our gratitude, we have a special ticket offer for military personnel and their families.

celito also knows that the arts bring us together like nothing else, and we support artists who share their talents with our local community. We are proud to sponsor the Carolina Ballet, North Carolina Symphony, and North Carolina Theatre in their 2021-2022 seasons.

At celito, we are committed to making our Raleigh community better in the present, but we are also looking to the future, so we are particularly passionate about local youth organizations.

We want to ensure that every Raleigh child has a safe, supportive environment where they are free to explore and develop, and we support a variety of youth organizations, including the Frankie Lemmon School & Development Center, Marble Kids Museum, and SAFEchild.

Giving Back to Our Community with Internet Solutions

For celito, giving back isn’t just about occasional philanthropy; it’s what we do every day. We equip Raleigh businesses with fast, affordable business fiber internet that keeps our community thriving.

In addition to providing reliable high-speed fiber internet in Raleigh, we offer a variety of other services:

  • Business fiber internet
  • VoIP phone
  • Data center services
  • IT Consulting
  • Fast, friendly, and experienced support

We value our local community, and we are proud of the ways our business makes a positive impact on Raleigh.

Experience the Local Difference with celito

If you are ready to give local a shot, start by seeing if you already have celito fiber internet in Raleigh installed in your building.

Then, give us a call at 919-852-1238 or use our easy online contact form.

Our knowledgeable and capable team will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your unique needs. We know that when we make our local businesses better, we make our community better, too.

Give Local a Shot This Small Business Saturday

Thanksgiving is approaching, and that means the beginning of the holiday season​​—and holiday shopping.

You are already planning to cross a few names off your gift list with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but what about Small Business Saturday?

celito is the premier source for fiber internet in Raleigh, and as a local business, we understand the importance of shopping small. Supporting small businesses allows our communities to thrive.

From providing internet solutions to local businesses to our philanthropy, celito serves Raleigh with integrity, innovation, and skill.

This Small Business Saturday, celito is shining a light on the ways that we can support our Raleigh community members. Especially as our economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses need our support now more than ever.

What Is Small Business Saturday?

The first Small Business Saturday was observed on November 27th, 2010. American Express partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and local Massachusetts organizations to create the holiday.

To spread the word, American Express bought social media ad space and donated it to their small merchant account holders. #smallbusinesssaturday quickly took off, and the movement is still growing.

Small Business Saturday always occurs on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, and its goal is to shift focus from the big box retailers who dominate the holiday shopping season to small, local businesses.

Many small businesses take advantage of the attention to providing special Small Business Saturday deals, just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why Is Small Business Saturday Important?

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities. They provide jobs, as well as top-notch services. Because they are often run by local residents, small businesses understand your community’s unique needs in a way that larger corporations just can’t.

In 2021, Small Business Saturday is more important than ever. Small businesses suffered more than their corporate counterparts during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many closing. Even those that survive are often doing so on razor-thin margins, and every sale makes a difference.

You can participate in Small Business Saturday in your community by:

  • Purchasing holiday gifts from local retailers
  • Switching from large coffee chains to local cafés
  • Ordering out or dining in at local restaurants
  • Posting on social media with #smallbusinesssaturday 
  • Supporting small businesses all over the world through sites like Etsy, Storenvy, and Uncommon Goods

Internet Solutions for Small Businesses in Raleigh

celito keeps Raleigh’s small businesses going with fast and affordable business fiber internet.

We are passionate about finding internet solutions for small businesses in our community. We leverage our unique knowledge and capabilities to help make the most of their unique knowledge and capabilities.

Not only do we provide reliable high-speed fiber internet in Raleigh, but we also have a variety of services that keep local businesses running smoothly.

celito provides Raleigh’s small businesses with:

  • Business fiber internet
  • VoIP phone
  • Datacenter services
  • IT Consulting
  • Fast, friendly, and local service and support

No matter your small business needs, celito will help you create a customized plan to optimize your office.

Shop Fiber Internet in Raleigh with celito

celito doesn’t just support Raleigh’s small, local businesses; we are one, too! We know that Raleigh is a dynamic, beautiful city, and serving our community is the heart of our business.

With celito, you get the personalized care that only a local business can provide. We understand your business and your client base, and we are uniquely invested in your success. Larger business fiber internet companies simply can’t say the same.

If you are ready to experience the local difference, the first step is to see if you have celito fiber internet in Raleigh already installed in your building.

Then, give us a call at 919-852-1238 or use our easy online contact form.

Remember, although Small Business Saturday falls on November 27th this year, you can celebrate all year round by regularly supporting small, local businesses!

October Blog

Upload vs. Download Internet Speed: All You Need to Know

Today, the Internet and connectivity are everything, and you cannot imagine your life without them. Since the start of the pandemic, staying connected is more important than ever.

If you are facing lagging speed and long buffering episodes, you need to learn about the difference between download and upload speeds. Once you understand both, you can plan your internet needs accordingly.

Let’s get going without any buffer!

How to Determine Internet Speed

Internet speed is calculated by how much data a connection can download or upload per second. Mbps is most suited for the internet speed we use today, as opposed to kbps or Gbps. An internet speed that comes under kbps is usually a slower connection than Gbps.

You can start by running a speed test that lets you understand the actual speed of your network. It will also help you determine the download and upload speed of every device you use to browse the internet.

With the results, you can compare your actual internet speed to the one you are paying for.

Download Speed: What is it, and Why is it Important?

Download speed refers to the time it takes to download information from your internet server. This data can be in the form of images, videos, text, etc. The download speed plays a prominent role in offices where more than one device browses the internet per day.

Upload Speed: What is it, and Why is it Important?

Upload speed is the rate at which information is sent from one device to another. Most internet providers prefer to focus on their download speed instead of their upload speed. However, if you upload a lot of data, your upload speed may be much more important.

If your profession depends on sending large files, such as video or audio, then you cannot afford a slow upload speed.

Remote office calls and meetings require high-speed internet for a high-quality video connection. A higher upload speed even makes a big difference for sending emails with large attachments.

Your ideal depends on your business; therefore, it’s best to find an internet provider that can create a customized solution for your needs.

Download vs. Upload: Which is Preferred for Businesses?

Most of the internet providers today offer a much higher download speed compared to their upload speed. Your preference depends on your usage and daily internet consumption. Your bandwidth needs will also depend on the number of internet users who are dependent on a single network.

For modern businesses, high upload speeds are crucial.

Video Conferencing

Businesses of all sizes depend on video calls to stay connected with their employers and clients. This technology has become even more crucial during the pandemic. If your upload speeds are low, your video conferences will lag.

A lower bandwidth can also affect your audio and video clarity. Interruptions may not make your business look desirable, especially for serious clients.

Remote Work

Upload speed matters significantly in remote working environments. If any of your remote team members need to access company data through your VPN, they will depend on your company’s internet upload speed.

The upload speed should be fast enough to let the data transfer to the employee’s device or computer with zero hassles.

Backup Solutions

Most of us depend on online tools and cloud solutions to back up our important data. A good upload speed is essential to upload your files faster with zero buffering and roadblocks.

With, you can enjoy a faster and more reliable internet service that meets your business needs and requirements in Raleigh.


Now that you know the difference between download and upload internet speed, you have a more precise picture of your internet needs. Though upload speeds are ideal for businesses, they may cost you more than the standard plan.

Based on your requirements, you can optimize your internet with easy upgrades. We recommend an internet provider that meets your full-speed needs. Do not pay extra for a plan that does not suit your business.

Why Doctors, Law Offices, and Non-Profits Use Dedicated Secure Internet

As a business internet provider, we at celito recognize the unique needs that businesses throughout the area hold. Our team proudly offers celito fiber services for businesses around Raleigh, including doctors, law offices, and non-profit organizations.

Many of these businesses will require a Dedicated Secure Internet connection that is essential for the security of an organization.

A Dedicated Secure Internet link will provide any entity with the help it deserves for handling various connection needs.

What Is a Dedicated Secure Internet Connection?

Business Internet solutions can be useful, but sometimes it requires extra protection. A Dedicated Secure Internet connection is a fixed-bandwidth link that runs directly to the business. It provides an entity with dedicated bandwidth it does not share with other parties.

A provider will offer a specific amount of bandwidth for each client. The type of dedicated connection one uses will vary, but many can utilize a dedicated fiber link like we at celito provide. A fiber connection will offer gigabit speeds in moments.

What Makes It Special?

There are many reasons why a dedicated fiber Internet for non-profits. law offices, medical offices, and other professionals can be useful:

  • The maximum connection speed will be consistent and predictable. You won’t worry about the actual speed on a page being slower at specific points in the day.
  • The upload and download speeds are nearly identical. The upload speeds don’t have to be a fraction of the download speeds.
  • Your dedicated link will be on your own network. It doesn’t rely on a backbone network that might be jammed and otherwise tough to maintain.
  • The link gives the user full control over whatever security features one wishes to use. A dedicated firewall or another link may work on something, for example.

Why Is It Popular Among Professionals?

The reasons why these specific entities use these connections are simple:

  • A dedicated system is more secure, as it does not entail using the same resources as other parties. It is harder for signals to be lost.
  • A professional can use one’s dedicated security resources, including a private firewall. The system ensures sensitive documents and data a doctor’s office or another firm may hold will be kept secure.
  • Dedicated connections provide faster download times for massive files. These include CT scan files that might be a gigabyte in size, for example.
  • Non-profits that need to keep their funds in the organization can be assured the safety of their funds in a dedicated platform. These groups and others won’t risk losing bandwidth access to help them handle backups and other security-related processes.

Many of these professional parties handle vast amounts of money, plus they can manage sensitive info. A dedicated link makes it easier for them to protect their funds and ensure there are no struggles with keeping these details in check and safe from harm.

Contact Us For Help Today!

Do you run a doctor’s office, law firm, or other professional entity in the Raleigh or Wake County area? You can contact us at celito for help with your Dedicated Secure Internet needs. You can talk with us today to learn about why we are the best local Internet provider in Raleigh, NC.

Making positive impacts on our community

The Value of Buying Local

In recent months, there has been a huge emphasis on supporting local businesses. While these efforts certainly benefit companies directly, buying local can also have resounding positive impacts on a community as a whole.

There is a common misconception that “buying local” means blocking outside businesses. However, that is simply not the case. In reality, buying local means nurturing small businesses that have a vested interest in the wellbeing of the entire city or region.

When small businesses flourish, communities will retain control of important decision-making processes and become more self-sufficient.

Why Buy Local?

There are plenty of great reasons why you should consider buying local next time you need goods or services. A few of the most significant benefits of buying local include:

Keeping Money Within the Community

When you spend your money locally, those dollars are almost always circulated within the community over and over again. This raises the cumulative level of economic activity, allows business owners to pay better wages, and builds up the local tax base.

Local businesses also tend to generate a better economic return than massive retailers. These companies benefit the community in four key ways:

  • Wages paid to local residents
  • Profits earned by local business owners
  • Local goods or services purchased
  • Contributing to community non-profits

A great example of this process in action occurs when a local business sponsors a little league team. Local business owners interact with a variety of clients within the community and have a vested interest in their wellbeing. This makes them more likely to pour money back into the community, even if those efforts do not translate directly into financial gain.

Increases Consumer Choices

Small businesses help to keep the marketplace more diverse. This ensures continued innovations and helps to prevent price surges over time.

Local companies set prices and seek out solutions based on the needs of consumers within their own community. They are not driven by national sales goals or corporate marketing strategies. The end result is a better final product and more competitive pricing for consumers.

Maintains the Uniqueness of the City

Take a moment to think about what stands out about your city. Chances are that big-box retailer did not come to mind. You almost certainly thought about your favorite local eatery or hardware store that always makes you feel like a valued customer.

One-of-a-kind businesses are the heart of your community. The places that you shop, eat, or just catch up with old friends bring an added value to your life that would be lost without local businesses.

By supporting these companies, you can maintain the positive self-image of your community. This will help your city remain a great place to live, while also producing economic benefits.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Supporting local businesses is a great way to preserve the community for future generations. This is because local businesses like celito care about our own “backyard.” As a result, we ensure that we are engaging in sustainable business practices while also providing world-class fiber internet in Raleigh.

In partnership with other local business owners, we can reduce environmental impact. One way that we accomplish this goal is by purchasing many of our materials from local suppliers. This reduces our ecological footprint, as less transportation is required.

Raleigh’s premier Business Fiber Internet provider

When you need high-quality IT solutions, celito is here to help. We offer a full suite of IT services, including:

  • Fiber Internet
  • VoIP services
  • IT consulting and helpdesk services
  • Datacenter hosting

Our company is deeply connected to the community and proud to offer exceptional service with a personal touch. We are Raleigh’s hometown team! Give us a call today!