Why Doctors, Law Offices, and Non-Profits Use Dedicated Secure Internet

As a business internet provider, we at celito recognize the unique needs that businesses throughout the area hold. Our team proudly offers celito fiber services for businesses around Raleigh, including doctors, law offices, and non-profit organizations.

Many of these businesses will require a Dedicated Secure Internet connection that is essential for the security of an organization.

A Dedicated Secure Internet link will provide any entity with the help it deserves for handling various connection needs.

What Is a Dedicated Secure Internet Connection?

Business Internet solutions can be useful, but sometimes it requires extra protection. A Dedicated Secure Internet connection is a fixed-bandwidth link that runs directly to the business. It provides an entity with dedicated bandwidth it does not share with other parties.

A provider will offer a specific amount of bandwidth for each client. The type of dedicated connection one uses will vary, but many can utilize a dedicated fiber link like we at celito provide. A fiber connection will offer gigabit speeds in moments.

What Makes It Special?

There are many reasons why a dedicated fiber Internet for non-profits. law offices, medical offices, and other professionals can be useful:

  • The maximum connection speed will be consistent and predictable. You won’t worry about the actual speed on a page being slower at specific points in the day.
  • The upload and download speeds are nearly identical. The upload speeds don’t have to be a fraction of the download speeds.
  • Your dedicated link will be on your own network. It doesn’t rely on a backbone network that might be jammed and otherwise tough to maintain.
  • The link gives the user full control over whatever security features one wishes to use. A dedicated firewall or another link may work on something, for example.

Why Is It Popular Among Professionals?

The reasons why these specific entities use these connections are simple:

  • A dedicated system is more secure, as it does not entail using the same resources as other parties. It is harder for signals to be lost.
  • A professional can use one’s dedicated security resources, including a private firewall. The system ensures sensitive documents and data a doctor’s office or another firm may hold will be kept secure.
  • Dedicated connections provide faster download times for massive files. These include CT scan files that might be a gigabyte in size, for example.
  • Non-profits that need to keep their funds in the organization can be assured the safety of their funds in a dedicated platform. These groups and others won’t risk losing bandwidth access to help them handle backups and other security-related processes.

Many of these professional parties handle vast amounts of money, plus they can manage sensitive info. A dedicated link makes it easier for them to protect their funds and ensure there are no struggles with keeping these details in check and safe from harm.

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Do you run a doctor’s office, law firm, or other professional entity in the Raleigh or Wake County area? You can contact us at celito for help with your Dedicated Secure Internet needs. You can talk with us today to learn about why we are the best local Internet provider in Raleigh, NC.

Making positive impacts on our community

The Value of Buying Local

In recent months, there has been a huge emphasis on supporting local businesses. While these efforts certainly benefit companies directly, buying local can also have resounding positive impacts on a community as a whole.

There is a common misconception that “buying local” means blocking outside businesses. However, that is simply not the case. In reality, buying local means nurturing small businesses that have a vested interest in the wellbeing of the entire city or region.

When small businesses flourish, communities will retain control of important decision-making processes and become more self-sufficient.

Why Buy Local?

There are plenty of great reasons why you should consider buying local next time you need goods or services. A few of the most significant benefits of buying local include:

Keeping Money Within the Community

When you spend your money locally, those dollars are almost always circulated within the community over and over again. This raises the cumulative level of economic activity, allows business owners to pay better wages, and builds up the local tax base.

Local businesses also tend to generate a better economic return than massive retailers. These companies benefit the community in four key ways:

  • Wages paid to local residents
  • Profits earned by local business owners
  • Local goods or services purchased
  • Contributing to community non-profits

A great example of this process in action occurs when a local business sponsors a little league team. Local business owners interact with a variety of clients within the community and have a vested interest in their wellbeing. This makes them more likely to pour money back into the community, even if those efforts do not translate directly into financial gain.

Increases Consumer Choices

Small businesses help to keep the marketplace more diverse. This ensures continued innovations and helps to prevent price surges over time.

Local companies set prices and seek out solutions based on the needs of consumers within their own community. They are not driven by national sales goals or corporate marketing strategies. The end result is a better final product and more competitive pricing for consumers.

Maintains the Uniqueness of the City

Take a moment to think about what stands out about your city. Chances are that big-box retailer did not come to mind. You almost certainly thought about your favorite local eatery or hardware store that always makes you feel like a valued customer.

One-of-a-kind businesses are the heart of your community. The places that you shop, eat, or just catch up with old friends bring an added value to your life that would be lost without local businesses.

By supporting these companies, you can maintain the positive self-image of your community. This will help your city remain a great place to live, while also producing economic benefits.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Supporting local businesses is a great way to preserve the community for future generations. This is because local businesses like celito care about our own “backyard.” As a result, we ensure that we are engaging in sustainable business practices while also providing world-class fiber internet in Raleigh.

In partnership with other local business owners, we can reduce environmental impact. One way that we accomplish this goal is by purchasing many of our materials from local suppliers. This reduces our ecological footprint, as less transportation is required.

Raleigh’s premier Business Fiber Internet provider

When you need high-quality IT solutions, celito is here to help. We offer a full suite of IT services, including:

  • Fiber Internet
  • VoIP services
  • IT consulting and helpdesk services
  • Datacenter hosting

Our company is deeply connected to the community and proud to offer exceptional service with a personal touch. We are Raleigh’s hometown team! Give us a call today!

Partnering With Duo to Bring Our Clients Better 2FA

We’re bringing our clients the very best option available when it comes to their security.

At celito, we’ve partnered with Duo to deliver even more comprehensive security in our IT consulting services. With Duo 2-factor authentication, our clients will enjoy the most reliable authentication available today, bringing them increased safety for all of their business needs.

Why Your Business Needs 2FA

Nearly every business handles some amount of data that they need to keep private. Security is always a pressing concern, whether that’s their business correspondence, financial information, customer data, or remote work access networks.

Network security is one area where small and medium businesses tend to lag behind larger corporations. Without extensive IT departments, this essential part of doing business in an online world is overlooked.

Phishing attacks, data breaches, and more threaten the integrity of your business. Organizations are vulnerable through weak passwords, unattended devices, and infiltration through email spoofing that gets employees to hand over network access.

It’s simple enough in concept. When an employee or other user logs in to the network, app, or service, they need more than just their password. Depending on the configuration, they’ll need to use a secondary authentication app on their device or receive a unique code through text, call, or email. 2FA is an essential layer of security that can stop many security threats dead in their tracks.

That means that someone with your employee’s login information can’t get through with that alone. They’ll need both their password and their device. That sets up two lines of defense. Remote attackers can’t get in without access to a company device, and anyone that steals a device can’t get in without the password.

Duo’s Multifactor Authentication

Our partnership with Duo lets us integrate their 2FA into our security, IT, and network solutions. Their tools are intuitive for businesses to use and incredibly secure. We’re bringing our clients the very best option available when it comes to their security.

One of the main benefits is the quick and easy setup for your business. While some solutions take weeks to months to integrate, Duo 2FA is a much faster implementation. It can also be scaled to suit any business no matter what their unique needs.

There are also versatile tools and analytics for managing and monitoring access. Notification-based approval ensures that access is both fast and secure. These notifications inform both users and administrators of new access points in connections, letting them react quickly to any unauthorized activity.

The platform also integrates single sign-on functionality for all your apps and services. Your employees can quickly and securely access all cloud services and files with a single sign-on through Duo’s 2FA.

Duo 2FA supports many different configurations. Authentication options include iOS and Android apps, along with both SMS and callbacks. Users can manage their settings, letting them choose the method that works best for them.

Celito Business IT and Data Solutions

The versatile applications of Duo’s 2FA are letting celito bring our clients more secure services. When your organization needs IT consulting, data center services, business fiber, or VoIP services, you can reach out to us today to find the perfect solution.

Pamela Keene joins celito, Raleigh’s premier Fiber Internet, Data Center, VoIP Phone and IT Consulting provider

We wish to welcome Pamela Keene as our new Business Development Manager at celito.

Pamela Keene strives to help businesses succeed by building meaningful connections. She’s done just that during her 30 years of experience in business development. With a breadth of experience in working through the challenges facing business owners, she brings significant value to celito as a Business Development Manager.

Pamela’s varied experience in diverse fields allows her to approach every challenge from a unique angle. She has accrued accomplishments in business and dental sales and as a licensed real estate broker and notary public. She even has experience flying at the Raeford, NC, wind tunnel skydiving simulator.

When she isn’t helping businesses to grow one relationship at a time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, son-in-law, and two grandchildren in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Area.

Pamela Keene’s extensive knowledge of business development brings something unique to every client she works with, while her genuine passion for growing businesses lets her take on any challenge with vigor.

celito creates technology solutions for businesses across all sectors both large and small. From supplying high-speed Internet service, to providing quality VoIP telecom service, to designing, setting up and maintaining your office IT Infrastructure, we offer turnkey solutions from the desktop to the cloud.

How Wired Are you? Why wireless just can’t catch fast fiber internet.

How Wired Are you?

Wireless internet seems great at first. No more running wires and you can connect anywhere! In reality, though, wireless internet presents as many problems as it solves, especially with today’s blazing fast fiber internet. Wireless internet just can’t match wired in terms of the following criteria:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Range
  • Security

Wi-Fi is great for browsing on your phone, but it’s typically not the best option for your business. Here’s a closer look at why wireless shouldn’t be your first choice.

Doesn’t Make Full Use of Your High-Speed Internet

There’s a good chance your Wi-Fi is limiting your internet speed, whether you’re a household or a business. The numbers show that Wi-Fi can’t keep up with modern internet speeds. If you’re an avid gamer or a remote worker, your wireless is holding you back.

Business fiber internet provides premium upload and download speeds, meaning information gets to and from your business at lightning-fast speeds. However, the speed between the firewall and your computer is more like a crawl. A wired connection is vital to make the most of fiber internet connections.

Reduced VoIP Quality

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most effective ways for businesses to manage communications. You save money, get more internet, and have more options. However, VoIP requires a reliably fast connection—something Wi-Fi can’t handle.

While VoIP does offer significant versatility when using multiple devices, a wired connection should be used whenever possible. That will ensure the highest quality audio transmission and most reliable calls.

Network Gymnastics

Setting up wireless in your home is hard enough. Setting it up in an office is much worse. Firewalls have so much range and can interact strangely with your office geometry. That means you may have unexpected dead spots where the signal drops to zero. Adding access points to spread wireless coverage around the office may help but can be tricky to run your business from.  For any stationary workspaces, wired is the best bet.

Network Security Holes

Wi-Fi offers several security measures, and businesses with competent IT can make their connections very safe. However, using Wi-Fi when it isn’t necessary opens up a very accessible entry point to your network, which cybercriminals take full advantage of.

Wired connections place a physical barrier on unwanted connections, keeping your network much safer.

Business Fiber Internet Solutions

For any of your business fiber needs in Raleigh, celito is here to provide professional solutions. Our team offers all the business fiber, VoIP, data center, and IT consulting services your business needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.