The Difference Between WIFI and Ethernet

The Difference Between WIFI and Ethernet

What’s your WIFI password?”

This question is so ubiquitous that most people don’t even realize that there are significant advantages to ethernet connections. But what is ethernet? What is WiFi? And when should you choose one over the other?

WIFI and ethernet are both ways for connecting to the internet, which is essentially a language that computers use to send and receive data to each other. The difference is how they connect to the internet.

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What is Ethernet?

Ethernet provides internet access to devices in a wired local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) through a physical cable connection that transmits data.

When you plug a device into an internet connection with an ethernet cable, it communicates with the other devices in that network via a protocol, which is a network language.

Because you are physically connecting to a local network, ethernet connections offer high levels of security. Your network administrator determines exactly who has access to your network, instead of anyone with the password being able to connect.

Ethernet is also not dependent on radio waves, which means your ethernet connection will also provide greater speed and reliability. There’s a reason that celito’s dedicated business fiber internet is the fastest internet in Raleigh!

Ethernet connections are frequently used by organizations that have a single location and handle sensitive data, such as an office or hospital.

What is WIFI?

WIFI makes use of ethernet technology to ensure on-to-go internet access. Your WIFI router connects to the LAN via an ethernet cable, and then it uses radio waves to communicate between network devices and the router.

While WIFI is extremely convenient, many factors can affect its performance, such as your distance from the router, radio interruptions, or even the way your building is constructed. For the best results, you will want to be within 100 feet of your WIFI router.

The number one reason to choose WIFI is its greater mobility, allowing you to access the internet and communicate with devices on the same network, all without a cable.

Which is Better: WIFI or Ethernet?


  • Higher security
  • Faster speeds
  • Greater reliability
  • More complex installation process


  • Greater mobility
  • Good for use at home and with Bluetooth devices
  • Inconsistent speed and performance
  • Simpler installation process

While every situation is different, ethernet is almost always the best option for businesses. When you need reliable, fast, secure internet, it’s the obvious choice; you just need a professional like celito to help you install it.

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