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Why choose celito

  • Better upload and download time with faster speeds
  • Get connected sooner with our fast installation process
  • Reliable service
  • Local and easy to contact support
  • A dedicated team from initial contact to installation and beyond

Speeds. Better Service. Always Reliable.

When you choose internet services from celito, you’ll enjoy a low-latency network, meaning less of your time is spent waiting for your data to travel from one network to another.

Do you:

  • Use cloud-based services or programs?
  • Download large files?
  • Work in CAD, Design files, or have an EMR or EHR program?
  • Video conference with clients or coworkers?
  • Stream office music or training videos on a regular basis?

Then YOU should be taking advantage ofcelito’s high bandwidth internet options! celito promises to provide unparalleled local internet services. Our installation times are much less than other providers, and we gladly offer internet support if you run into any difficulties.

Internet Solutions for your Business

When it comes to your business internet needs, you likely value open communication, and simplified decision-making. At celito, we share your values, prioritizing community and personal relationships. We are committed to providing the best fiber internet North Carolina has to offer!

At celito, we value your time. Here are some of the ways that we show this:

  • There are no pins and no passwords when you call.
  • No 1-800-numbers are needed.
  • There are no hidden fees, ever.
  • No company is too large or too small for celito’s expert team
  • Customized solutions to fit your business needs

Our Internet Is Fiber, Not Cable

Think about the time it would take to upload a large file using different types of common internet solutions. A large media file, such as a video, could take hours with DSL or cable. The same video would take less than a minute to upload with fiber internet.

Fiber Technology Is Better

Fiber-optic internet technology offers the best internet solutions. Here’s why:

  • Unlike other types of internet connections, fiber internet uses light instead of electricity to transmit its signal.
  • Fiber internet has revolutionized the world and ushered in the modern age of information.
  • An ever-growing network of fiber now connects the globe.
  • Fiber internet solutions will only continue to improve

Top Fiber Internet – Raleigh, NC

With celito’s fiber-optic internet solutions, you can achieve faster speeds and greater reliability than you can with any other service.

Remember: Our internet is fiber, not cable. This makes all the difference in terms of the quality of your experience.

The Best Fiber Internet in the Triangle

celito is your local service provider in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Give the local business a shot — you might be surprised!

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