More than ever before, providing a high-quality learning opportunity for your students requires fast, reliable internet. However, you may think that your budget cannot accommodate high-speed fiber internet.

Fortunately, you can obtain first-class connectivity services from celito at discounted rates by using the E-Rate program!

What is E-Rate?

E-Rate is a Federal Communications Commission program that receives funding from the Universal Service Fund. This program provides eligible libraries and schools with substantial discounts for internet access, internal connectivity solutions, and telecommunications.

When you partner with celito, our E-Rate specialist will help you leverage this program to obtain lightning-fast fiber internet while also optimizing your discount. With E-Rate, you can obtain a discount of 20%-90%!

E-Rate was originally created to ensure that schools and libraries could obtain affordable internet access. Now, it can be used to upgrade your existing network, provide Wi-Fi connectivity, and pay for the majority of your monthly bill. It will even pay the full share of upfront construction charges for your new fiber network in the first year.

Who is Eligible?

The E-Rate program is designed to help schools and libraries. The E-Rate criteria for schools includes:

  • Operate as a nonprofit business
  • Provide K-12 educational services
  • Have less than $50 million in grants
  • Limited to facilities designed for school use (no shared facilities)

In addition, the E-Rate program can be utilized by schools with Head Start programs, juvenile justice classes, and adult/special ed courses that focus on K-12 curriculum. Colleges cannot utilize the E-Rate program.

Standalone libraries are also great candidates for E-Rate discounts. The criterion for libraries includes:

  • Operate as a nonprofit business
  • Budget separate from any schools
  • Dedicated library support facilities (No joint buildings like rec centers)
  • Cannot be using Library Services & Technology Act for assistance

If you believe you qualify for the E-Rate program or need assistance determining eligibility, celito can help guide you through the application process. Contact us today and let us answer any questions you may have about the program.

E-Rate in Raleigh

Are you ready to create a modern learning environment with the E-Rate program? If so, then the first step is to complete your application. There are two primary options available, depending on the needs of your school. The first involves a reimbursement program for service upgrades and the second form is tailored towards discounts on your monthly bill.

Does all this sound daunting? Don’t worry, celito is here to help. We have over 20 years of industry experience and can help you navigate every step of the E-rate process. Contact our dedicated GovEd team today.

When you partner with celito, you are working with a Raleigh born, Raleigh grown company that is dedicated to its clients. Empower teachers, engage students, and enhance learning with celito’s fiber internet services in Raleigh!