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What’s the Difference Between Dedicated Internet and Shared Internet?

When you’re looking for fiber internet for your Raleigh business, you’re going to have two options: shared internet or dedicated fiber business internet.

But what is shared internet? What is dedicated internet? And most importantly: what is the best type of internet for your business?

Don’t worry! celito can answer all your questions.

celito is your number one provider for fiber internet in Raleigh. We give back to our community through our superior business fiber internet, IT consulting, data center, and VoIP solutions–as well as our extensive local philanthropy.

We are the source for Raleigh internet solutions, and we are happy to share our unique expertise with you!

What is Shared Internet?

Shared internet is an internet connection with a specific amount of bandwidth shared between a group of users. It can be accessed by different devices across networks.

A shared internet connection does not mean that other subscribers have access to your data; you just share bandwidth.

Because it is less expensive and easier to set up than dedicated internet, shared internet is a common choice for your home/personal use. However, it has some drawbacks.

When your business subscribes to a shared internet connection, you may receive the maximum bandwidth possible on occasion, but it will likely be much less.

With shared internet, your bandwidth depends on how many other devices are using the connection at the same time.

Shared internet generally offers decent download speeds and much slower upload speeds. But remember, your speed can fluctuate considerably throughout the day because all of the subscribers are sharing the bandwidth.

Also, if your business requires a static IP, shared internet does not always give you that option.

Shared internet connections are good choices for businesses that don’t have a high amount of internet use.

For example, a small boutique that only uses the internet for their Square checkout might choose shared internet because they are willing to sacrifice speed for the lower cost and easier installation.

What is Dedicated Internet?

Dedicated internet is a personal internet connection where your business receives all the bandwidth. If you subscribe for 100 Mbps, you will always get 100 Mbps, because you are the sole user.

Dedicated internet allows for synchronous download and upload speeds. Since it is a private connection, dedicated internet also offers increased security and reliability, with the option for a static IP. 

Dedicated fiber decreases the chances of disruption and increases clarity for virtual conferencing.

If you do experience service disruptions, your local Raleigh dedicated fiber internet provider will be able to get your business back up and running more quickly than with shared internet.

After all, with dedicated internet, you are the only subscriber to that particular connection.

While dedicated internet is more expensive and complicated to install, for many businesses it pays for itself through increased productivity.

If your business needs a lot of bandwidth–especially if your business has a lot of employees or frequently uses VoIP phone systems, video conferencing, streaming, or cloud-based applications–dedicated fiber is the way to go.

Dedicated Fiber in Raleigh with celito

celito is your source for business internet fiber. We offer secure, reliable dedicated fiber internet in Raleigh that will unlock your local business’ full potential.

celito is a Raleigh-born, Raleigh-grown business, and our team has been providing superior internet solutions to our local area for over two decades.

We showcase the local difference: a friendly, accessible, and hands-on team of experts, a steadfast commitment to our community, and a peerless drive to provide superior service.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level with dedicated fiber in Raleigh or another of our other services, contact us now for a quote.

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