A message from Andrew Blackburn, Vice President, Government Affairs Raleigh Chamber to celito,

Thank you very much for sponsoring our Inter-City Visit & Leadership Conference. celito’s leadership and support were critical components of the event’s success.

More than 160 business, community, and elected leaders gathered with their counterparts in Salt Lake City to learn from one another and explore how a different market tackles familiar issues. Attendees benchmarked a comparable community against ours and enjoyed high-level networking.

After a two-year hiatus, it was great to see everyone together again, and celito helped make it happen. From hiking in the Wasatch Mountains to visiting local restaurants and breweries, we witnessed the culture of Salt Lake City firsthand. We also explored local cultural centers and rode commuter rail lines to see how the city invests in its thriving population. By speaking with elected officials, local entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, we learned how they approach growth intentionally and grapple with its challenges.

Feedback for the event has been overwhelmingly positive and is a testament to your generous partnership, presenting sponsor

“We are thrilled that sponsored our Inter-City Visit and Leadership Conference in Salt Lake City this year. This trip provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to travel to a new business climate and learn from local experts while also making strong connections with each other. We explored how their area capitalized on changing technology trends, demographic shifts, and transportation improvements, all while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The Raleigh Chamber is so appreciative for the support of and Sharat Nagaraj, who we were so fortunate to have on the trip with us.”

Adrienne Cole, president and CEO, Raleigh Chamber

Kind regards,
Andrew Blackburn
Vice President, Government Affairs
Raleigh Chamber

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