celito is a great friend of the nonprofits. They assessed our situation completely and really came to us with technology ideas that best fit our needs, not some cookie-cutter proposal.

celito addresses our needs and concerns immediately to resolve them. We don’t have a back order of technical support issues waiting to be addressed. We never feel like just another number when we call for support. That kind of service is rare and really, really appreciated, especially in a business like ours.

It is simple, celito is local. Their service and support is fast and responsive, and the best part is their investment in our community. We can relax knowing celito doesn’t think we are just another client.

From a support standpoint, we don’t really have to think about it. Reliability has been excellent! celito support has been very responsive for the few times we’ve needed them.

We really liked celito. We felt important to them, unlike with some of the other IT companies, where we would be just one rack out of hundreds in the room. Even though they have a significant presence and business, celito’s approach felt more like a boutique operation, where they really tailored solutions to our needs. And they didn’t nickel and dime us on the pricing. We simply had good chemistry with them, too. I got the feeling they would be great to work with. When it comes down to it, so much of choosing to do business with someone has to do with the relationship. That’s something you can’t really put a price on.

Celito assisted us in building our entire IT system. All the technology that we have, they have picked out for us with our specific needs in mind. They pay intimate attention to what our support usage is, what our needs are, and the types of service tickets that are coming in.  They use that information to help us learn things that we might need to do better or differently, and investments that we might have to make. Their suggestions are always absolutely ROCK SOLID. They truly offer outstanding personalized service, and I’m so grateful to have them as a partner!

With all the big providers that are out there, it’s nice to work with a local company for Internet and IT services that I can call up and easily reach someone I know. We don’t get lost in the big picture, and the team is so knowledgeable about our business needs. I can always get a resolution in a timely manner. That pays big dividends for us, being that we’re a local company too.

We brought celito into the mix because they are local. We felt a lot more comfortable with the level of service they could provide than the larger providers. They have definitely saved us money by offering better speed across our networks for less than what we were paying already. And they have impacted our productivity because we have had far less downtime on our networks.

Before celito, our computers were down like every other day with this other provider. The team at celito sat with us and we went over what we needed it to do, and they made it happen. They just jumped right in and fixed everything for us. They are so reliable, cost-effective, and professional, and their service time is always faster than expected. We rely on them a lot, and I highly recommend them!