Charlie Adcock

Wiring & Data Center Lead

Get to know Charlie

Terrified of cotton balls.
Was on the Captain Kangaroo Show!
Loves Nascar and dogs.

Nicole Alvarez

Project Manager

Get to know Nicole

Raleigh born...Durham grown!
Firefighter wife and Disney nerd.
"Bull Durham” movie extra.

Iris Bowman

VP of Operations

Get to know Iris

Yes, the accent is real!
Proud Army wife.
Loves her Goldendoodle, Teddy.

Mike Cady

Fiber Design Engineer

Get to know Mike

First car was a 1974 Chevelle.
Oldest dad in son's class.
Caught & released 45" red drum.

Brandon Chatten

System Administrator

Get to know Brandon

The best dog breed is a Boxer.
Favorite movie is The Matrix.
Hidden talent is voice impressions.

Chris Davis

Wiring & Data Center Lead

Get to know Chris

Master of the Grill.
Avid outdoors enthusiast.
Hardcore Detroit Lions Fan!

Hayley Field

Junior Systems Engineer

Get to know Hayley

Sang Opera throughout High School.
Paints to relax.
Went to college in the middle of Arkansas.

Mary Kate Fish

Manager of Client Journey

Get to know Mary Kate

Has never traveled outside of the US.
Was a bartender for over 15 years.
Worked on a wine cruise down the Sacramento River.

Mason Kendrick

Client Success Manager

Get to know Mason

Moved more than 6 times before starting High School
Spent a month living on a boat
Enjoys the outdoors

Athina Mancia

Administrative Assistant

Get to know Athina

Dresses up in matching outfits with her daughter.
Always dancing around her house.
Likes to play poker.

Ben Miller

Help Desk Technician

Get to know Ben

Air Force Veteran.
German Shepherd Dog Dad.
Once drove from California to NC.

Paige Miller

Client Success Manager

Get to know Paige

Michigan raised
Bravo Channel Obsessed
Has never broken a bone

Kris Mullenburg

System Administrator

Get to know Kris

Loves being outdoors with wife & kids.
Involved with his Church (The Peak).
Former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper.

Sharat Nagaraj


Get to know Sharat

Owns two really fast jet skis.
OnSite Computer Services started in March 1997.
Loves colorful socks.

Kerrie Nasipak

Accounting Specialist

Get to know Kerrie

Honolulu born, New York grown.
Has 4 grandsons!
Loves to garden.

Brent Nesbit

Voice & DEVOPS Engineer

Get to know Brent

Started taking things apart at age 10.
Loves to learn.
01100111 01100101 01100101 01101011

Dustin Simpson

Senior System Administrator

Get to know Dustin

Likes to play disc golf.
Enjoys board & card games.
Loves soccer.

Matthew Strickland

Help Desk Technician

Get to know Matthew

Technical Producer at his church.
World record holder.
Avid gamer.

Scott Szczepanski

Voice Technician

Get to know Scott

Is a Reverend.
Makes world famous cookies!
Loves the Buffalo Bills.

Mark Wagener

Fiber Locator

Get to know Mark

Originally from Baltimore.
Has 4 kids.
Huge Ravens Fan.

Glenn Wilkinson

System Admin & Help Desk Manager

Get to know Glenn

International award-winning euphonium player.
Loves rock climbing.
Eagle Scout

Chad Williams

Help Desk Lead

Get to know Chad

The sky is blue!
Duke Blue Devils Fan.
Hobby is racing.

Since 1999, Raleigh-based company celito has been a leader in business Internet, data and voice solutions, providing the latest information technology and the best customer service. We are proud to serve Raleigh-Durham with fiber Internet as well as a hosted voice system throughout the country.