Higher Education Solutions

Creating a world-class learning environment on modern college campuses requires cutting-edge connectivity that your students and faculty can count on. If you want to accomplish this goal, you need a digital infrastructure that is tailored to the specific demands of your faculty and students.

With the help of celito, you can modernize the digital infrastructure of your campus and take student performance to the next level. Our comprehensive connectivity services include:

Fiber Internet

We offer the latest in high-speed fiber optic internet solutions. Fiber internet is by far the fastest and most reliable way to keep students and faculty connected 24/7. We provide customizable speeds and have a 99.9999% uptime reliability rate.

One of our experts will assess your connectivity needs and help you find the perfect internet plan for your campus. As your campus grows and demands increase, we can adjust your plan to keep up.

VoIP Phone

In addition to fiber internet, celito provides the latest in VoIP phone services. These services allow you to ditch traditional phone lines and communicate with your high-speed internet connection.

We will provide a fully customized service that suits the volume of phone calls, the need for on-site hardware, and more for your campus. We will enable the VoIP features you need to operate efficiently. The best part is that you will reduce your phone line costs without sacrificing communications quality.

Data Center

College campuses have thousands of secure files that must be protected. Celito can help with that too, thanks to our secure data centers. We have a data center located in Raleigh and Charlotte.

When you partner with us for data center services, we will set you up with 24/7 secure access to your information. Our data centers are protected by UPS and an extended run generator.

IT Consulting

At celito, we can upgrade your current digital infrastructure and provide ongoing consulting services to help you stay ahead of the competition. We provide monthly maintenance and management of your devices. As part of this service, we will ensure that your system is operating at peak levels and even provide comprehensive help desk services.

Create a Cutting-Edge Learning Environment with celito

Are you ready to experience the local difference? If so, then you need to contact celito and obtain personalized connectivity solutions for your campus. Give your students and faculty the tools they need for success! Partner with celito today.