Dear Friends,

As you can see in the photo above, celito is a committed family of team members that grew in 2019 to better serve your needs. We are so excited to be celebrating 20 years in Raleigh as your local Internet, Voice and IT services provider! 


To remain true to our brand and core values, we will:

  • Continue to be the local, Raleigh-Born, Raleigh-Grown company committed to the community around us and the clients we serve.
  • Provide open and honest communication.
  • Radiate positive energy in everything we do.

Headed into this new year, I need your help to make sure we continue to thrive in our local market.   My hope is that we are considered for all projects related to IT infrastructure, VoIP and Internet as the local option.

Please help me by:

  • Sharing your experiences with celito and referring us to others in the business community in Raleigh as an alternative to the large carrier experience.
  • Following and interacting with us on social media @celitonet. We’re pretty cool, so click on the icons to become a fan/follower of celito!  We have positive posts weekly about our community and company. 
  • Staying actively engaged with celito in 2020. Call or email your celito team member to give feedback, reach out for help or  plan for your company’s IT needs or even a simple hello – we love hearing from you.

In the spirit of being more connected in 2020, feel free to reply to this email, or call me at 919-268-4910. I hope to connect with each and every one of you soon!

Looking forward to a great year.



Sharat Nagaraj

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