celito creates technology solutions for businesses across all sectors for organizations both large and small. From supplying high-speed Internet service, to providing quality VoIP telecom service, to setting up your office network, we offer turnkey solutions from the desktop to the Internet.

We are very passionate about our community and the success and growth of our clients, which makes us the top choice when searching for a reliable, local Internet service provider. With 20 years of telecommunications experience, celito will provide your business with effective Internet solutions and deliver extraordinary client experience.

Our Passion &
Core Values

At celito, our passion and core values influence what we do each day — from the work we produce, to the way we treat our clients, to the atmosphere we maintain in our office.


Helping people with our unique knowledge and capabilities.

Core Values

Thorough commitment to client
Ability to inspire
Understanding of value
Appreciation of structure
Positive energy


It is simple, celito is local. Their service and support is fast and responsive, and the best part is their investment in our community. We can relax knowing celito doesn’t think we are just another client.


From a support standpoint we don’t really have to think about it. Reliability has been excellent! celito support has been very responsive for the few times we’ve needed them.


celito addresses our needs and concerns immediately to resolve them. We don’t have a back order of technical support issues waiting to be addressed. We never feel like just another number when we call for support. That kind of service is rare and really, really appreciated, especially in a business like ours.

Koka Booth Amphitheatre

celito is a great friend of the nonprofits. They assessed our situation completely, and really came to us with technology ideas that best fit our needs, not some cookie-cutter proposal.

Carolina Ballet


Since 1999, Raleigh-based company celito has been a leader in business Internet, data and voice solutions, providing the latest information technology and the best customer service. We are proud to serve Raleigh-Durham with fiber Internet as well as a hosted voice system throughout the country.