Who is celito?

celito Communications is a leading IT and Telecommunications solution in Raleigh. Our purpose, cause, and passion are to help others with our unique knowledge and capabilities.  Our clients come to us with a need to manage their network, offer turn-key solutions, and assist them in being proactive about their future growth. 

Some of our core values are to provide open and honest communication, instill the ability to inspire others, and radiate positive energy! No one wants to work with a company that is hard to reach, unreliable when situations arise or are just a plain, no fun!

celito is a Raleigh-born, Raleigh-grown company with a 20-year history of community involvement and we love to work with clients who share our passion for helping children, supporting the military, and have an appreciation of the arts!

Why choose celito?

We are a company with a vision, passion, and commitment to helping businesses get the most out of their infrastructure.  celito offers seamless technological solutions so that clients do not have to worry about their network or security. 

celito guarantees an open and honest sales and delivery process and will offer suggestions that will enhance your business.   As a local provider, we offer a unique and personal experience that cannot be reached with larger carriers.

Put our knowledge and experience to work for your business today!

Want to know more about us?
Email: sales@celito.net
Phone: 919-852-1238

Engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter @celitonet 
Or come chat with us on our website www.celito.net

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