XL Soccer World & celito: A win-win

XL Soccer World Globe Logo You just never know when your next customer connection is going to occur. Sometimes it comes quite unexpectedly, in the way of a small child’s interests. When celito’s managing partner stopped in at XL Soccer World to enroll his young son in a soccer program, he asked the program manager how his company could get involved in supporting the organization, which combines the atmosphere, expertise and passion of world soccer into one facility. According to Richard King, who runs XL Soccer World and oversees management of the facility, the answer was easy. They loved the idea of the service celito provided and were happy to promote those services at the venue, where players and teams from all area clubs practice and play soccer. For celito’s part, they helped the organization identify a quality solution to its phone systems dilemma with the installation of VoIP phone services, as well as Internet connection. “We went from a phone system that was a like a 12-year-old Volkswagen to a brand new shiny BMW. And it came complete with a full service warranty,” Richard commented, alluding to the support service he receives. “Celito’s service is exceptional. They are local, easy to get ahold of, and are generally on the job within an hour.” XL Soccer World  *  5600 Hillsborough Street  *  Raleigh, NC 27606