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Why Is Faxing Not Dead? We’ve Got 4 Reasons.

By June 24, 2015 No Comments

We, at celito, provide Internet, voice, data and consulting services to businesses in the Triangle. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology and sharing the knowledge we’ve acquired in the past 16 years of celito’s existence with our clients. Faxing, even though it is considered to be a technology dinosaur, is still alive and a part of every day in most of our clients’  businesses. We want to ask, while following the ever-changing trends of technology, why is faxing not dead?


As it turns out, there are plenty of good reasons, but we’re going to share four:

  1. Faxing is secure. Attempts to alter or intercept a fax will cause the transmission to fail and the fax to not go through. This is one of the primary reasons that highly regulated industries like medical, law, and insurance still insist on using it.
  2. Faxing is established. Once we get used to a habit, especially a habit as well-established in business as scanning and sending a document in one action, it is hard to let go. Even if the machine goes away, fax as a communication method is deeply entrenched in business practice and will not be going away anytime soon.
  3. Faxing is accepted globally. Until every company or at least most companies accept a different form of communication for all document transmission, some sort of faxing will always exist. They will all have to do it at the same time, too, so business will not be interrupted. Otherwise, some companies will not be able to communicate with their clients and generally do business. We’re all too dependent on each other.
  4. Faxing is adaptable. The faxing industry has adapted to everything going mobile easily enough. There are now plenty of eFax options through mobile apps, web portals and email usage. So a business that doesn’t need or use a fax machine in its daily grind, can still accept faxes through an eFax option that goes directly to your email.


Many of our clients still have a version of faxing that makes sense as everything goes online and mobile, called eFax. If your business still actively sends and receives faxes through a physical fax machine daily, we always recommend you keep it. However, virtual faxing gives you the ability to accept faxed documents and send them without having to own a machine. Everything comes to you through your email and you can send faxes out through a web portal. This flexible option has worked well for clients and we offer it in partnership with our celitoVoice product.


Have a fax story? Tweet us @celitonet. We want to know if and why you’re still faxing!


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