Why Support Non-Profits?

Working for a company with strong community involvement is important to many job seekers. A Deloitte study reports 62% of 18 to 26-year-olds are drawn to companies with volunteer opportunities.

Alternative Ways to Support Charities

Worried that your company can’t afford to support charities? Consider donating your time or skills. Sign up for a charity run, hold a canned food drive, collect clothes for a local shelter, or have a volunteer day. But always remember, cash donation are tax deductible!

As more customers choose a product or business based on social responsibility, you can make your business stand out. According to a Cone Communications study, over 80% of Americans wish more companies supported causes, and think better of those that do. Their Corporate Social Responsibility study shows 91% of consumers would switch brands.

Who doesn’t feel better after helping someone in need? Whether you help with time or money, nothing beats the feeling of coming together to support the community. You can organize a staff volunteer day or offer paid community service days for staff to volunteer at a charity of their choice.

Getting out in the community to help is a great way to make connections and get exposure for your business. Sponsoring an event is a win/win. You can help your community and get your name and logo in front of people in a positive context. Remember to share all your fun involvement on social media.

Finding the Non-Profit Right for Your Company

Take into account what your employees are interested in, your company’s values, and the needs in your community. Staff are more likely to get involved if it’s something they really care about.

Supporting the Raleigh community is important to us at celito. In addition to supporting local nonprofits, many of the charities that celito is involved with focus on helping children, supporting veterans, and promoting the arts.