What Is Fiber Internet?

By December 18, 2015Internet, Technology

What Is Fiber Internet?

If you are looking for an alternative to your traditional cable Internet provider, you may come across the phrase “fiber Internet”. What is fiber Internet? Unlike traditional copper cables, fiber-optic cables are thin strands made of glass. With fiber Internet, data is converted to light and is passed as light pulses through the glass fiber strands.

Why is fiber Internet better than cable Internet? fiber strands

There are several reasons that fiber Internet is growing in popularity. Fiber Internet is capable of gigabit speeds, making it your fastest Internet option. Have you ever been frustrated with a slow Internet connection because someone is downloading a large file? With traditional cable Internet, multiple co-workers accessing the Internet at the same time can slow down your Internet speed. Fiber Internet won’t be slowed down by multiple users, making it an excellent IT solution for large companies.

Another benefit is that fiber-optic cables do not generate electricity. Traditional copper cables are more susceptible to interference and information degradation over long distances. Information can travel great distances through fiber cables without being affected by electrical equipment, power lines, or lightning.

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