What Is Dark Fiber?

By December 14, 2015Fiber Optic Internet

Dark Fiber

This is the first post in our series about fiber Internet. We want to start by discussing dark fiber. What is dark fiber?

It sounds sinister, but dark fiber is simply the name for fiber strands that are laid down but not in use. With fiber Internet, information is passed as light pulses through strands of glass that are as fine as human hair. When they are not connected, fiber strands have no information or light pulses passing through them, so they are considered dark fiber.

Why would fiber strands not be in use? When we lay fiber from celito to a client’s building, not all of the fiber strands are used. By including extra strands of unused fiber, companies don’t need to install new cable when a new strand is needed. We just “light” one of the dark fiber strands.  On the other hand, a fiber strand is considered lit when it is connected and in use. If you have fiber Internet, your building is called a lit building!

The Dark Fiber Community

Intelligent community Forum 2014

Intelligent Community Forum 2014

We are happy to announce that we are now part of the Dark Fiber Community. The Dark Fiber Community (DFC) is a website “for network operators to help solve planning, construction, operations and finance issues.” We look forward to conversing with our peers and using our experience and skills to help businesses with their technology solutions.

celitoFiber For Your Business

Because information is sent as light pulses, fiber Internet is much faster than traditional cable Internet. With celitoFiber, we offer gigabit speed Internet! Check out our article How Fiber Internet Can Help Your Business to learn more about how celito can move your business forward with fiber Internet. Interested in turning dark fiber into lit fiber with celitoFiber Internet? Contact celito today.