Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking involves the use of VoIP to facilitate the connection of a private branch exchange (PBX) to the Internet for more simplified management of telecommunications infrastructures. Converge your office’s voice and data with only the SIP trunks you need. When you choose celito for Raleigh SIP trunking solutions, you only need to purchase as many SIP trunks as required for the number of anticipated simultaneous calls, and you can easily add more as business growth occurs.

Businesses that work with celito for Raleigh SIP trunking services will enjoy the peace of mind and ease of working with an Internet voice provider that is experienced in the installation and maintenance of SIP trunks. The knowledgeable telecommunications experts at celito can answer any of your questions about SIP and the compatibility of your existing equipment.

IS SIP Right for Your Raleigh Business?

Raleigh SIP trunking features numerous advantages over traditional PRI and analog telephone service:

  • Order additional calling paths in any increment — simply buy the bandwidth you need, instead of calling lines in large increments

  • Increase network redundancy through RTDR (Real Time Dynamic Routing) for effective backup options

  • Eliminate long-distance charges with flat-rate calling plans

  • Maintain your telephone numbers regardless of where your office physically moves

  • Pool your lines across multiple locations, reducing the number of telephone lines enterprise-wide

  • Simplify carrier management with one SIP provider for all locations

  • Reduce management efforts by converging separate telecom and data networks

celito SIP Trunking Solutions

Choose celito as your Raleigh SIP trunk provider. Give us a call at 919-852-1238 to learn more about how SIP trunking can work with your business’ existing PBX equipment to deliver a cost-efficient and simplified communication solution.

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