Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a digital voice service that allows up to 23 channels to communicate simultaneously along one physical line, as opposed to requiring a separate telephone line to manage each phone call. Equipping your business with Raleigh PRI technology from celito guarantees a smooth, stress-free upgrade for your business’ telecommunications needs. celito has 15 years of experience, a wealth of industry expertise, and the ability to provide a lower-cost PRI solution than other area voice service providers in most instances.

Flexibility For Growth

PRI allows businesses to easily add channels as capacity expands, without installing additional telephone lines

Simple Upgrades

Upgrading your PRI service to activate more channels usually does not require a technician — simply call celito for additional call paths and enjoy minimal wait time between order and activation

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

With DID, telephone calls can be directly routed to employee phone extensions, instead of first calling a main number and then dialing an extension

Caller ID

Because all extensions have a unique telephone number, this specific number will be displayed to the receiving end of any calls made for differentiation within and between departments

Use of Your Equipment Investment

For businesses in Raleigh and beyond that have already invested in PBX equipment, PRI services allow use of existing resources

Interested in learning more about Raleigh PRI services from celito? Get in touch with us today by calling 919-852-1238 to ask questions or request more information on how a PRI line can accommodate your growing business technology needs.

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