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7 celitoVoice Feature Upgrades

By September 9, 2015 No Comments

7 celitoVoice Feature Upgrades

This week we’re taking a break from our tech-focused series. We’ve talked a lot about how celito strives to stay current and even ahead of IT, telecommunication, and tech trends for the sake of our clients’ businesses. In an effort to demonstrate one way we do this, we want to share some of the latest updates to our enhanced celitoVoice platform.

Back in April, we officially announced our transition to an enhanced platform with even better features.

Now it’s September and we’re already updating the great features to provide an even better solution to our voice clients. The updates are largely focused on improvements to the web portal, queues, and to the recording server.

Here are some notable celitoVoice feature upgrades

  1. Voicemail transcription.
  2. Contacts list sorted by First Name, Last Name, Extension, or Status.
  3. Recording server will have increased reliability. It will record at our Raleigh and Charlotte data centers simultaneously and the system will automatically pick the best one.
  4. New ability to join and leave individual queues.
  5. Dialed Number Stats. This is commonly used by businesses to identify the effectiveness of different ad campaigns by using different telephone numbers.
  6. More granularity in queue stats reports.
  7. 33 other improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes.

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