6 Ways Celito Helps You Telecommute

6 Ways celito Helps You Telecommute

During winter storms many people are forced to telecommute. Our celito services help your business run smoothly, no matter where you are. Your staff can work from home and still function as an efficient team.

1. celitoVoice Portal: Pre-recorded Away Messages

With our celitoVoice client portal, multiple messages (such as inclement weather messages) can be recorded and stored. Just select your inclement weather option before you leave for the day. When you return to work you can select your regular message without re-recording.

2. Call Forwarding & Voicemail to Email

When you telecommute, you don’t have to miss important calls. With celitoVoice portal, calls can be forwarded to any number, including cell phones. Not interested in call forwarding but still want to get important messages? You can have voicemails emailed to you!

3. celitoVoice: DependabilityVoIP Phone Solutions from celito

Even if your office building loses power or Internet, all your forwarding and voicemail features will continue to work. How? We have a SOC II compliant data center here in Raleigh as well as redundant servers in Charlotte.

4. Use Your Phone Anywhere

If you have a power cord for your phone, you can take your phone home. You can use your phone as if you were sitting right in your office.

5. Telecommute With Microsoft Office 365

Features of Microsoft Office 365 include IM and video conferencing. It doesn’t matter if you’re across the office or across the state. Whether you are working from your house, on the road, or at the office, you will get to use Office’s top-of-the-line tools. With Microsoft Office 365, you can create, edit and share documents and information from all kinds of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

6. Prepare With celito Consulting

Our local support team will help you prepare for winter weather scenarios. We help our clients by walking them through celitoVoice features like pre-recorded away messages.

dattoOur celito team can also help your business develop a data backup plan. We have been a Datto partner for years and it is the main backup system we use and recommend. Contact celito to find out how we can prepare your business for all contingencies.

In addition to providing fiber Internet, celito provides data solutions, local IT support, cloud services,celitoVoice phone services, consulting, and more. We will evaluate your business’s IT needs and present a custom business IT solution.


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