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Preparing for Inclement Weather

By January 5, 2017 No Comments
preparing for inclement weather

As the Triangle prepares for winter weather, we want to share some tips to keep your business running smoothly. During winter storms, many people telecommute. With our services, your staff can work from home and still function as an efficient team.

Inclement weather often leads to power outages. If you plan to access your computer remotely, remember that you won’t be able to access it if the building has no power.

Tip: If the Internet goes out at your office building, remember to check the Duke Energy power outage map before contacting us. It may simply be due to a power outage.

If you are a colocation client:

You can work from home using remote access even if the power goes out at your office building. Our data center has a generator backup, so even if buildings around us lose power, you will have access to your data.

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If you are a celitoVoice client:

If you have a power cord for your Yealink phone, you can take your phone home and use it as if you were sitting right in your office.
With our celitoVoice client portal, you can update your voicemail to reflect that you are out of the office due to inclement weather. If you don’t currently have an inclement weather menu, we will need a two-week lead time to get it generated and completed. If you would like to start the process to have one available for future use, please email for a quote.

If you already have an inclement weather menu in place, just select your inclement weather option before you leave for the day. When you return to work you can select your regular message without re-recording.

Tip: We advise our clients to have multiple menus in place so they can easily change them when needed.

Calls can be forwarded to any number, including cell phones. You also have the option to have voicemails emailed to you. Even if your office building loses power or Internet, all your forwarding and voicemail features will continue to work. Please watch our training videos and how-to guides.

Tip: Make sure you have watched all of our voice training videos and that your settings have been set up correctly.

If you have Microsoft Office 365:

With Microsoft Office 365, you can create, edit and share documents and information from anywhere. You can access them from all kinds of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Features of Microsoft Office 365 also include IM and video conferencing, so you can stay connected with co-workers.

Tip: If you plan to open documents from home, remember to save and close the documents before you leave work.