Choosing energy efficiency via carbon offsets


As an Internet Service Provider, celito relies on a great deal of electricity to run its network and servers, as well as the machines necessary to keep them cool and operating to support its customers’ technology network needs. But we don’t take our energy use lightly.

We are committed to using renewable energy, and for that, we turn to NC GreenPower, the first, statewide multi-utility renewable energy program in the country. NC GreenPower is designed to improve the quality of the environment by encouraging the development of renewable energy resources. Celito partners with NC GreenPower to offset a portion of its electrical usage, and we encourage all businesses to work with the program to do the same.

As the only ISP corporate sponsor of NC GreenPower, celito’s electricity use in its network system servers and industrial air conditioners is offset with purchases of renewable energy credits. For example, with our modest sponsorship contribution, we purchase 30,000 kWh of green power, which is the equivalent of 750 days of traditional electricity for an average home, approximately 24,300 pounds of coal not burned and and the environmental equivalent of planting 4,802 trees each year.

To further our energy efficiency, we ensure quarterly service on our HVAC systems to make the most efficient use of the cooling units. We also participate in Progress Energy’s Time-of-Use Program, which uses special meters to tell us how much energy we use and when we use it. We use that information to reduce our use during peak hours. And our office is lit by natural lighting and primarily energy efficient lighting, when needed.

NC GreenPower’s work is making a difference in our community, and we are happy to be a partner with them in their efforts to conserve energy and offset usage. NC GreenPower is good for North Carolina’s environment, and it offers consumers a choice.  It’s a choice that celito is proud to make.