Business Internet: Month-to-Month vs. Contract

Rethinking month-to-month

Getting ready to sign up for Internet or phone services? Wondering if month-to-month or a contract is best for your business? Here are some reasons you shouldn’t be too quick to throw away a contract.

Internet pricing fluctuates like anything else. Contracts can offer a guarantee that your price won’t go up as the market changes. Think of long-term contracts as fixed-rate mortgages and month-to-month as adjustable-rate mortgages. Month-to-month Internet and adjustable-rate mortgages often start out with appealingly low prices or rates. The reason fixed-rate mortgages are so popular is the security of knowing your cost won’t fluctuate with the market. Why gamble when you can lock it in at a fair price?

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why don’t I try a carrier month-to-month, then switch if I don’t like it?” This is an option, though no one wants the hassle of re-configuring multiple times. Also, remember that the ability to cancel works both ways. Your Internet service provider can also cancel, leading to a headache trying to scramble to find a new carrier. Choose a dependable carrier with a fair contract, and you’re set. A contract Service Level Agreement (SLA) protects you with carrier guarantees for response time, up-time, etc.

Another thing to consider when signing up for a new service: if the price sounds too good to be true, it might be. If you’ve had issues with previous Internet service providers, you’re not alone. Calling to get a problem resolved can take hours. Maybe you’ve even memorized what order to push numbers in when you call your ISP. When you call celito, you actually get to speak with a real person who cares about your problems. We monitor our system 24/7 and can often fix a problem before you even know that there was one.

Make sure you don’t sacrifice great service, locked-in fair pricing, and stellar tech support in favor of a low introductory month-to-month rate. At celito, we’re a full-service telecommunications company. We can give your business fair pricing on fiber Internet, VoIP phones, IT consulting, and data storage. Just reach out to us at