Teaching Coding With Dash and Dot Robots

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Teaching Coding With Dash and Dot Robots

We hope you enjoyed Marbles Kids Code at Marbles Kids Museum on Saturday. Couldn’t make it? Or did you have so much fun you just can’t remember all of it? This post is for you.
We are sponsoring the Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot robot pop-up exhibit at Marbles because we believe in the Power of Play. Coding is an important skill in the 21st century; we think all kids should have the opportunity to code and learn through play.

We All Code Every Day

Coding, or programming, can sound complicated, but we already do this in our daily lives.
Coding is simply a series of tasks. Take brushing your teeth, for example.

  • Step 1: Find your toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Step 2: Put toothpaste on your toothbrush
  • Step 3: Brush

With the Dash & Dot robots, children aren’t just learning to make robots do something. They’re learning cause and effect and problem solving. One of the main ideas behind programming is cause and effect (if, then, else). Here’s an everyday example:
If it is raining, then carry an umbrella, else get wet. If, Then, Else. You’re already a coding expert!

Dash and Dot Robots For Teachers

One thing we love about Wonder Workshop is that they considered how Dash & Dot could be used in the classroom.
A curriculum for Dash & Dot is available to integrate with Common Core and NGSS.

“Dash & Dot have transformed the way my students learn about coding and computer science.” – Susan Prabulos, Meadow Lane Elementary in Lincoln, NE

Here is a wonderful video from Wonder Workshop. Here’s to Creativity: A new way to play.