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Introducing Our New celitoFiber Crew in Raleigh!

By September 30, 2015 No Comments

celito_Fiber_stackedWe are excited to introduce our new celitoFiber crew! Carlos Aguilar, Wilian Aguilar, and Dennis Bullock joined our celito family in July. Dennis Bullock has years of experience working with the City of Raleigh and the NC Department of Transportation. Carlos and Wilian Aguilar are cousins from El Salvador and bring over 10 years of experience to our team. They work with Matt Girard, our fiber design engineer. We have worked with this great team in the past as independent contractors, and we are thrilled to have them on staff with us now.


celitoFiber crew1Why the switch? One of the benefits of laying fiber with our own team is that we have more control over things like safety. Safety is such an important part of construction, both for the construction crew and avoiding existing lines. Dennis Bullock said that safety is his main focus when he goes out on a job. They always contact NC 811 before they dig. By making sure that any existing utilities are well marked, they keep everyone’s service uninterrupted. If Dennis thinks marks might not be right, he always takes the time to double-check. In fact, if you’re planning any landscape projects that require digging in your yard, you should call 811 too! North Carolina 811 is a free service that will keep you from hitting an underground utility line.

celitoFiber crew2Raleigh is a hot-spot for fiber Internet. We have been providing high speed fiber Internet to Triangle businesses for over 15 years. With Google Fiber coming to the Triangle, many residents will have access to residential fiber Internet. Do you have questions about fiber Internet? Check out our post about fiber Internet myths.

Wondering if it is important for your business? Here’s some great information about how fiber Internet can move your business forward. Contact us to see if we have fiber to your building! We love working with local businesses and look forward to hearing from you.

See our celitoFiber trucks around town? Stop and say hi to our awesome celitoFiber team. Post your pictures on our Facebook page or Tweet @celitonet. Follow our Facebook page for updates on where our team is headed next.