Importance Of Play For Businesses & Kids

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The importance of play for businesses

What can businesses learn from a children’s museum? At the Marbles BIG IDEA Forum, motivational speaker Kevin Carroll reminded us that “play is at the root of innovation, creativity, and problem-solving” Not sure about the importance of play in the workplace? Taking a few minutes away from your workspace can help clear your mind. Go for a walk, draw a picture on the white board, or take a game break with co-workers. That blank page, empty spreadsheet, or long to-do list might seem a little easier to tackle. At celito, we have a ping pong table and games to play on lunch breaks. How does your business use the #powerofplay to improve your workplace?

Marbles Kids Museum: Helping all kids play

The Marbles Kids Museum believes in the importance “playful learning.” The “Marbles Full Circle” program includes Family Fun Nights for children with special needs, camp scholarships, and free access field trips for organizations that serve underprivileged youth. Marbles partners with groups such as Wake County Public Schools, Salvation Army, Raleigh Rescue Mission, and Boys and Girls Clubs. Marbles also helps prepare kids for school with “Kick-off to Kindergarten”, a primer for children just about to go to school for the first time.

Why businesses should support organizations for children

One way that celito invests in the community is supporting organizations for kids. A few nonprofits we partner with are The Miracle League of the TriangleMake-A-Wish, and the Marbles Kids Museum. Our CEO, Sharat Nagaraj, is the Immediate Past Chair at Marbles. There are many other excellent programs that help children. In a previous post, we discussed how having a business volunteer program and supporting nonprofits can help your company. By investing in programs for children, you’re helping the next generation of workers. Part of Marbles’ Play-losphy is “the power of play to help develop 21st century workers who are able to solve problems, apply ideas, create, innovate, communicate and connect with others.”

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