Network or Server down emergencies

(919) 852-1238. Option 1, Option 1

Phone down emergencies

(919) 852-1238.  Option 1, Option 2

We’ve all heard about Hurricane Irma crawling a destructive path toward the United States. Projections are taking it into Florida, but it is uncertain whether the final path will touch our beloved North Carolina or not.

Celito believes in being pro-active about this possible catastrophe. Even if the storm doesn’t hit us directly, there is no reason to assume that power and the internet will not be affected.

We suggest that you write down our support numbers, listed above, ahead of time. Do this now!

If you do end up having to contact us with an emergency, be patient as we will be already moving to fix problems as we are able. Please understand that priority will go to emergency shelters and other related services.

It is our highest hope, above all else, that you and yours are all safe during this time.

Now that you know what to do if your celtio internet goes down, here are more tips for protecting your business from a hurricane right now.