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Grade Your Hotel: Would You Get an A+ From celito?

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celito is a leader of IT and telecommunication solutions in Raleigh, NC. In addition to providing fiber Internet, voice, data and consulting services, we are passionate about advocating for and supporting our clients in the challenges their industry is facing.

For the final part in our hospitality series, we wanted you, as hotel managers, to grade your IT and telecommunication set up for your hotel. Is it as secure and robust as it could be to run an efficient, scalable business? Below are ten questions that we believe will reveal whether or not you have a healthy IT system.

Answer each question on a scale of 1-10, 1 being “No, we haven’t implemented this practice at all” and 10 being “Yes, we have the best system in place possible for this practice”. Keep track of your score and average your answers for your final grade.


  1. Does your IT management company send you monthly Internet connection usage reports? It is important when to make sure you are using what you pay for as well as paying for what you need.
  2. Does each room in your establishment have at least 1 Mbps upload speed available? We suggest this as a minimum speed to comfortably stream standard definition audio and video.
  3. Do you offer meeting spaces with a guaranteed WiFi connection for your ‘Bleisure’ guests? If you do not have some sort of meeting space available, consider adding one as another revenue option.
  4. Do you have the ability to manage your phone system internally? For example, to see who is on the phone at what times, adding phones to the system when needed, etc. There are a host of options for customizing your system when you can access it yourself.
  5. Does your phone system have any redundancy or is it protected from site-related issues like power outages? Redundant backup locations are key here. If you have a backup, this keeps your phone system able to still accept voicemails, as long as the backup isn’t affected by the outage.
  6. Do you centrally manage software updates on your business computers? There is a fine line between updates that fix critical security issues with your critical business systems. Central management of patches and software updates can address both issues.
  7. Are you controlling the traffic on your guest networks? Can users send spam email from your network or can they use peer-to-peer applications to utilize all of your bandwidth? Preventing or limiting network abuse by controlling network traffic can prevent angering guests if someone is downloading a huge file or uploading a spec to an FTP site, using all of your bandwidth. 
  8. Are you backing up your critical business data and do you have an offsite copy? Many small businesses don’t backup their critical servers and workstations and risk losing information. And even if you back your data up, a flood, tornado, or fire means that your data could be lost even if you have an onsite backup.
  9. Do you currently centrally manage your Windows network with Active Directory? If not, you’re probably doing more work setting up secure user accounts for users on your network than necessary. If you don’t spend much managing those computers or accounts, then your computers and data are probably not very secure.
  10. Do you have an IT management company or dedicated IT person internally? They would keep up with your network, make changes or updates, troubleshoot when things go wrong, and make sure that you’re backed up in emergencies.


Calculate your average now!

Score 1-4: If you received anything less than an average of 5, we advise taking a hard look at the way your network and telecom infrastructure is built.

Score 5-8: Anything between 5 and 8, you’re probably safe from most IT issues that can plague a more disorganized business but with room to improve.

Score 9-10: If you averaged a 9 or 10, congratulations! You are truly prepared for keeping your techy guests happy, comfortable, and secure, based on celito’s recommendations.

If you have further questions or want a closer look at some of the details of a great set up, contact us at and we’ll schedule a consultation with an engineer. If you’re proud of your score, tweet it! Share it @celitonet with #gradeyourhotel and we’ll retweet and help you show off your swag.

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