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Google Fiber Coming to the Raleigh Area

By February 27, 2015 No Comments

As a local Internet service provider, celito is proud of our 15-year history of offering Fiber Internet, Data, Voice and Consulting services to businesses in the Triangle area. We are all waiting for Google Fiber to service our residential areas with high-speed Internet via a Fiber connection. This will certainly mean exciting things for us at home, but now the question is, what about our businesses? The demand for better, faster Internet is certainly there as well.

According to Google Fiber, they are expanding their super fast network to the Triangle area! They have just finished the exploration phase and are currently in the process of designing and planning their network in the NC Triangle.

What Does This Mean for Businesses & Individuals in Raleigh & Surrounding Areas in the Triangle?

Starting with an Internet connection that is up to 100 times faster than basic broadband speeds, Google Fiber has the potential to be revolutionary for how individuals enjoy their service at home in our area. What could this mean for you personally?

  • Less buffering during Skype or other video chats
  • Reduced lag time while uploading videos to your computer or YouTube
  • More time to play your favorite computer games
  • More TV channels for all of your couch surfing needs
  • HD TV pictures that are crystal clear

This all sounds great for you at home but I’m sure you’re wondering what this could mean for your business…That’s where celito comes in.

While we might be waiting months to get Google’s high-speed Internet in our homes, you can contact celito today to get high-speed Internet for your business! We currently have 15 miles of Fiber Internet in the ground around the Triangle and add to it regularly. Excited about Google Fiber? Why wait? Experience the hype now by getting onto celito Fiber Internet that is ready to go today. Our customers love the high-quality Internet connection and personalized service we provide and we’d love to bring you in too!