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Gig Office at celito: Compare Internet Speeds

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celitoFiber Gig Office

celito’s Gig Office

We’re happy to announce our new Gig Office! What’s a Gig Office? We’re glad you asked. Instead of simply being told a speed is much faster or 10 times faster, now you can compare for yourself. Our celito team is excited to have this opportunity to help local business owners make informed decisions about their Internet service.

Compare Internet Speeds

Too many companies purchase bandwidth they never use. In our Gig Office, you can test different speeds to find the one that works best for your business. Getting the right amount of bandwidth is a money saving venture is easily worth the time.

Not sure what terms like gig speed, bandwidth, latency, and upload/download speed really mean? We’ll have someone available to answer any questions you have. Come to our main celito building at 1350 Sunday Drive in Raleigh. You can even get a tour of celito and meet our CEO, Sharat Nagaraj.

Here are just a few of our celitoFiber features:

  • Faster upload and download times for large files
  • Increased bandwidth for video conferencing and VoIP telephony service
  • Improved VPN response time
  • Faster connections to multiple offices and off-site staff
  • IP addresses
  • 99.9999% uptime fiber-delivered connection
  • Uptime monitoring with online reports
  • 4-hour response time on any network down issues
celito voice

celitoVoice Demo

In addition to our celitoFiber business Internet service, we also have celitoVoice services. Our Gig Office is set up with a celitoVoice Yealink T46G phone for you to try out. Just ask for a demo, and we’ll show you all the great features of our CV3 platform, courtesy of our Voice & Network Engineer Brent Nesbit.

Here are some of our awesome celitoVoice phone features:

  •  Custom Hold Music
  •  Automated Attendant
  •  Call Center Queue Management
  •  Multiple Greetings
  •  Hold, Transfer and Conditional Forwarding
  •  Seamless Transfer from Landline to Mobile Phone (while on a call)
  •  Do Not Disturb
  •  Call Logs
  •  Call Parking
  •  Disaster Recovery

At celito, we have core values that we follow each day. Our passion is “helping people with our unique knowledge and capabilities.” We are always looking for ways to help local businesses with their IT needs, and we hope our Gig Office will be a wonderful resource. Whether you’re a current celito client or a business owner who just wants to see what’s available, come try out our new Gig Office. Contact celito today to set up an appointment. You can also call us at 919.852.1238.

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