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celito Brings Groundbreaking Gigabit Internet to Raleigh, NC

By September 24, 2014 No Comments

Thanks to Google, the latest tech buzz is all about the gig movement, building anticipation to bring lightening-fast Internet to cities across the nation. Ironically enough, it seems that Google’s city-wide fiber Internet services are arriving quite slowly. What you might not know, however, is that your Raleigh, NC business doesn’t have to wait to enjoy superior gigabit Ethernet connectivity when you choose celito as your Internet service provider.

What is Gigabit Ethernet?

That’s right — with the help of celito, businesses and organizations in Raleigh, NC already have access to fiber Internet at gigabit speeds. For those not familiar with the capabilities of gigabit Ethernet, prepare yourself for a world of possibility. When we refer to gig Internet, we’re talking about super high-speed fiber based Internet that’s capable of speeds of up to one gigabit per second. celito’s Raleigh gigabit Internet is hundreds of times faster than basic broadband Internet — fast enough to download a full length movie in half a minute.

Why is the Gig Movement a Big Deal for Raleigh?

Upgrade to gigabit Internet and enjoy an incredible, new online experience. Our Raleigh gigabit Ethernet will revolutionize how you navigate the web, connect with social media and execute business transactions. No longer will you have to wait for video buffering, downloads and uploads. You can even view and share high-resolution image and media files without bogging down your network. Whether you’re a health care provider, school, business or other organization, blazing-fast Internet with gigabit speeds from celito can help you seamlessly connect with the surrounding world.

On a larger scale, as the gig movement escalates in our city, Raleigh will become even more of a competitor in the world of business, healthcare, education and other sectors. Widespread gig connectivity in Raleigh has the potential to attract tech companies to the area, expand the capabilities of our health care providers, provide students at all levels with state-of-the-art educational tools, and so much more. As business and organizations realize and utilize the capabilities of gigabit Ethernet, we’ll see economic growth and a cutting-edge approach to networking and communication that fosters innovation and a feeling of community.

Learn More About Raleigh Gigabit Ethernet from celito

Interested in additional information about gigabit Internet from celito and how it can help your business succeed? Contact celito today to experience the fastest, most reliable Raleigh fiber Internet available. At celito, we believe that the world doesn’t slow down — and you shouldn’t have to, either.