From the CEO of celito: How to Stay Informed in Your Industry

Let’s face it. Who has time to be an expert in everything that affects our day-to-day work or life? We depend on…well…the experts for that. It is necessary to be clued in to the big picture of industry trends and new products or changes to products that we use for our most critical business functions. But actually doing that is tough.

As founder and now acting CEO and President of celito Communications, Sharat Nagaraj focuses on providing the best IT and telecommunication solutions to local Raleigh businesses. He stays informed and engaged on a daily basis with the industries that affect the growth and success of celito and our clients.

In a world where we are constantly fighting information overload, the resources we have to take advantage of are overwhelming. How do we know what is important to pay attention to?


Sharat answers this question by giving four recommendations for staying informed and actively engaged in your industry:

  1. Get involved in an industry organization.

He is an active part of, which is ‘The HOW TO Association for CLECs and service providers”. The people involved are from companies doing similar things as celito and may be doing them a little bit better. Sharat takes advantage of the opportunity to learn from people facing similar issues in the telecommunications industry, as well as, share how he’s solving problems. Join an organization focused on the industry your business is in. Check out events and go to meetings held in your area to start establishing connections.


  1. Join a peer-to-peer organization.

This is crucial for learning best practices in your industry, as well as outside your industry. For example, Sharat is personally involved with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. This is a great organization available to entrepreneurs and founders of businesses. Watching your peers solve problems that may look a little different than yours, but could still apply to your business, is so valuable. Thinking outside of your industry will give you fresh ideas for solutions.


  1. Sign up for newsletters.

Sharat reads newsletters from vendors that are market leaders, as well as business-related and industry-related newsletters. Some examples that he recommends are and LinkedIn articles. He also reads Cisco’s newsletter as a market leader in telecom. The value in this is keeping up with what your colleagues and your competition are reading. You can be quickly left behind if everyone is learning something you’re not.


  1. Make time in big chunks.

As you’re reading through these, you might be thinking, “How am I ever going to have time to do this?” Sharat is also incredibly busy but he schedules large chunks of time to focus on learning. That might be taking the time to go to an event and focusing on the topic or taking an afternoon to meet with a few of the people in your peer-to-peer organization. It’s worth it and the investment in learning will return ten-fold.


How do you stay engaged and informed in your industry? Share your recommendations with us! We want to hear them. Tweet @celitonet with #stayinformed.

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