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Five Fiber Internet Myths, Debunked

By June 10, 2015 No Comments

The hype surrounding fiber Internet right now is an interesting phenomenon. Everyone is talking about it, yet few people actually know something concrete about it. We, at celito, love fiber Internet and the awesome things it does for businesses. Fiber Internet is the foundation that the rest of our services—voice, data, and consulting—flow out of for an all-inclusive solution for our Raleigh businesses.


Fiber is not as much of a mystery as people assume. Below are five examples of false beliefs along with the reality of this miracle Internet.

  1. Myth: Fiber is everywhere and immediately available.

False. Even in a city like Raleigh that is growing very quickly and the demand for better internet options is high, fiber availability is dependent on specific locations and the ability to put it in the ground.


  1. Myth: Once I order a fiber installation, I should get it in a very short time.

The fiber installation process does not happen magically. While we wish we could wave a magic wand or pull out the genie in our back pocket to make it happen instantly, this just isn’t reality. The installation requires sometimes laying over century-old phone and cable lines, expensive equipment and a lot of labor. All of these factors can make the installation process very complicated and drawn out.


  1. Myth: Fiber is made of plastic.

Many people don’t actually know what fiber is made of, but the most common guess is usually plastic. Fascinatingly, fiber is actually glass strands, thinner than horsehairs, carrying infrared light through them. Never look directly into fiber when it’s lit up—not that those opportunities are available to us often.


  1. Myth: Fiber is just a fancy new trend that is not sustainable long-term.

Actually, fiber was developed in the 70’s, mass-deployed in the late 80’s and has not aged out yet. Meaning, it has not reached its known lifetime limit. We don’t yet know how long it’ll last before we need to start replacing it, but it has already lasted for several decades.


  1. Myth: Fiber is not worth the expense to my business.

The cost of your Internet going down, not being reliable or fast enough tends to be a lot more than you think. Even if the Internet never goes down, it simply being slow affects how efficiently you can complete tasks online. Consistent slowness also wears down your patience, which adds to what can be an already difficult workday. When considering the cost, be sure to add in the intangibles that affect how much you enjoy your work.


As mentioned above, celitoFiber is our prime service offering and we are deploying new fiber in Raleigh every day to expand our fiber network. Are you on it? Contact us at to see if your office building is fiber-lit! With our ever-expanding network in the Triangle, we could be just around the corner from you. Read more about How Fiber Internet Can Help Your Business.