Firewall ideas and consultation thoughts from Sharat

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At celito, we often get asked what kinds of firewall we recommend, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts:


smb-vpn-routers[1]Linksys LRT 214 – $200 –  http://goo.gl/lni2DY

Here is a simple Linksys Business unit that can handle one Internet connection. It costs about $200, and is an introductory unit for businesses with a limited budget. It also handles SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection). If load balancing or primary/secondary failover is required, the upgraded sister unit, LRT 224, runs about $300.



mx84-mantle[2]Meraki MX 84 Firewall — $3k – https://goo.gl/muKqpu

Here is a very robust, centrally managed firewall. It costs around $2,900 upfront, and around $1,500 for three years of support from Meraki after the first three years.  This firewall is amazing and will handle most of what larger small businesses (15+) and medium businesses (35+ employees) are looking for.  There are other size options in the Meraki family, and we will be glad to consult with you to figure out which firewall might be a good fit for your business.  This is one of our Consulting services, billed under time and materials.


Since we are in the business of helping our clients, all of the equipment above can be installed for you and put into a monitoring and service agreement.  If you would like us to quote this, please let us know. We would love to help you find the right choice for your business.

We offer a 30-day installation warranty for the initial scope of work. After the 30-day warranty, the Hardware/Software warranty is provided by the manufacturer. celito is available on a time and materials basis to help you with any configuration or maintenance.  We also offer service and monitoring agreements, allowing us to get to you quickly in case your firewall goes down.


Consulting & Hardware Purchasing Comments from Sharat:

I am sometimes asked if I can recommend specific hardware for a business to purchase elsewhere. We are willing to research your situation and needs, but we do charge a consulting fee for recommendations outside of our general advice. I want to share my thoughts on why celito charges this consulting fee.

Here is an example:  When I go to get my car fixed at Honda, there is a diagnostic fee to have them tell me what is wrong.  I have the choice to get it fixed by Honda for the quoted price or to go elsewhere. I pay a fee for the diagnostic regardless of if I choose to have them fix it or not. celito does the same.

We are a small company and have team members with families, so we want to earn our income just as you do. Because of this, celito is not able to research and quote items for free. We will always be glad to offer a fair price for our services, and will always do amazing work. We work hard to make things right and fair to all concerned.