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New celitoVoice Feature: Enhanced Caller ID

By August 24, 2016 No Comments

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest feature: Enhanced Caller ID, a huge step forward in caller ID matching. When you receive an inbound phone call, celito uses the official caller ID database provided by phone carriers to match incoming numbers to a name. The average name coverage on the official database is only around 50% because there are a number of cell phone carriers that do not provide caller ID information at all, and the official database also does not provide matches for toll free numbers or international numbers.

Why is the celitoVoice Enhanced Caller ID so important?

celito’s Enhanced Caller ID takes the official database and augments it with additional high quality, reliable sources. This provides real-time lookups for numbers that do not currently have matches for caller ID, and allows you to receive the best of both – caller ID lookups against the official database for carriers that support it, and extended sources for carriers who do not.

The benefits include:

  • For callers within the USA, we’re now matching at 75% or higher. Over time we hope to exceed 90%.
  • The greater coverage and accuracy will provide you with a clearer picture of who is calling you.
  • Coverage for toll-free numbers provides insight never available before.
  • Ability to match on select international numbers from 229 different countries around the world.
  • A reduction in the number of “Wireless Caller” and “City, State” caller names that you may currently be seeing.

Other celitoVoice Features

Today’s celito VoIP system allows our clients to take advantage of features like queue management, conditional forwarding, transfers, automated attendants, and disaster recovery. Here are some other benefits of the celitoVoice system.

  • Contact list sorted by First Name, Last Name, Extension, or Status.
  • Recording server with great reliability. It records at our Raleigh and Charlotte data centers simultaneously, and the system automatically picks the best one.
  • Ability to join and leave individual queues.
  • Dialed Number Stats. This is commonly used by businesses to identify the effectiveness of different ad campaigns by using different telephone numbers.
  • More granularity in queue stats reports.
  • Seamless transfer from landline to mobile phone.

Another fun feature? Our system has a completely open API, allowing developers to integrate their products with our phones.If you’re looking for a local phone and Internet service provider that leads the way in telecommunications technology, reach out to celito at 919.852.1238. Or stop by 1350 Sunday Drive to try out our new Gig Office.

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