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We can’t help feeling some pride about being Raleigh-born, Raleigh-grown from participating in such a cool event last week. The 2nd annual Hopscotch Design Festival, hosted at the Raleigh Convention Center with sessions at CAM Raleigh, Clearscapes, Christ the King and Feed, drew around 400 creatives from the Triangle and other areas of the country as presenters, attendees, volunteers, and sponsors.

As the Internet sponsor for the event, we had the pleasure of working with the very cool people from New Kind Marketing Company in Raleigh. Marie Schacht, a writer for New Kind, was the Festival Director and we spoke with her after the event to get her impressions on the festival and Raleigh as a creative place.

Notes from our interview with Marie

Her role as Festival Director

She was in charge of heading up the operations, curating the festival experience, compiling the speaker list, booking the venues and scheduling the sessions. She was also heavily involved in marketing for the Design Fest as a whole.

    Her thoughts the influence the Hopscotch Festival and creative industry in general is having on Raleigh:

New Kind wanted to foster creative community by pulling together the organizations like AIGA, AIA, etc. and the people who are already doing great things here. This is a larger celebration to bring all those individuals under one collective roof and be re-inspired by the big picture of design in our community and as a whole. Hopscotch had several big name speakers from other parts of the country, like Texas and California that were interested in coming to Raleigh for this. People are interested in Raleigh. We already have some pull in the design world and hopefully Hopscotch will just increase this influence.

New Kind’s dream for Hopscotch’s future

The dream for Hopscotch’s future is to continue to make it relevant for our design community here. The goal is to create a yearly celebration for our creatives in Raleigh; they need to know their work is valued and supported. Raleigh already has a design legacy and Hopscotch wants to build on that. New Kind is not really interested in creating a model to be repeated elsewhere or growing it really huge. The goal is always to provide quality sessions and relevance to the design community that’s already here in Raleigh.

Three reasons that celito supports Hopscotch Design

You might be asking what a design festival has to do with an IT and telecommunications company like celito. Here are the top 3 reasons we support Hopscotch Design and therefore, support the continued growth of the creative industry in Raleigh:

  1. We want to see Raleigh thrive! The design industry here is just going to keep growing. We want to be part of that.
  2. The graphic design program at NC State University continues to grow alongside the university. Many of their graphic design students are able to find work in their field right here in the Triangle. Anything to support the Wolfpack!
  3. The ability to inspire is one of celito’s core values, which partners perfectly with the very inspiring creative industry in Raleigh.

Celito is an avid supporter of the arts in Raleigh. Check out our involvement in other cool organizations like VAE, Carolina Ballet, and NC Theatre.