Smart decisions and efficiency drive customer sales and technology decisions

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Making smart decisions and being efficient are selling points for Thor Wendland’s business. For the past five years, he has been making home deliveries of holistic and natural dog food and cat food to clients across the Triangle area in North Carolina.

 “Our customers want quality products and make smart choices for their animals’ nutrition,” explains Wendland, owner of The Pet Pantry. “We also deliver our products direct to their door — like a retail store that comes to your home. Getting to the store or running out of food are details with which our customers no longer have to concern themselves. They are taking care of their beloved pets while saving themselves time.”

The Apex, N.C.-based business has grown to 5,000 clients in just six years of operation, with four drivers covering 8,000 square miles for deliveries. With continued growth at that rate, Wendland knew he needed to ensure he had a stable solution for all of his technology needs, from business applications and the Web site, to tracking orders, invoices, inventory and more.


“We had to have a reliable, scalable network to house our data,” he said. “Our home office computers were no longer a good choice for our size of business. We needed to look at our operations and make decisions about our technology in a way that provided the best quality and efficiencies.”

Wendland looked at four companies offering solutions to meet their technology needs. The chosen supplier also would need to accommodate The Pet Pantry’s plans to grow by 30 percent in the coming year with expansion into the Triad market in North Carolina. Wedland wanted a one-stop shop that would provide, maintain and service the solution.

“It doesn’t make sense for a company of our size to employ IT services in-house,” he explained. “But we still need the same level of IT knowledge, access and service — someone whose job it is to take care of our IT, including staying current with the latest technology.”


Wendland ultimately decided on a solution from celito that included leasing network server space and computing power from celito’s secure and redundant data center in Raleigh, N.C., along with four computers in The Pet Pantry office, bundled with VoIP phone and Internet services. The Pet Pantry also employs two office staff and two warehouse staff; it is their desktops that now tie into celito’s data center.

“Celito came to our office several times, assessed our needs and wanted to understand our business before they created a solution,” Wendland explained. “Not only is the solution excellent, but their ongoing service also far exceeds any expectations we might have had. It’s rare in business that you feel like you are getting more than your money’s worth, but we definitely feel that way with celito.”

Wendland said he particularly is pleased with knowing celito’s redundant data center provides him with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity for his data warehousing, Internet and telecom needs. If anything were to happen at his office location, he could be up and running at a new space or even from home literally within a few hours.

“We think of the small monthly cost as a sort of insurance policy for our business,” he said. “It makes it a lot easier to sleep at night knowing celito has our back and that the technology that supports our business will continue to operate in just about any situation.”

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