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Director of Sales Nena Theis knew it was beyond time to upgrade the theatre’s antiquated North Raleigh call center phones, so she began to investigate Voice over IP (VoIP) service providers. The project scope quickly expanded to include their downtown Raleigh administrative headquarters and ticket box office.


The North Carolina Theatre’s outbound sales call center employes on average 15 people, six days and evenings a week. A critical tool to the daily operations–the phone system– was outdated, to say the least. Employees could not transfer calls between staff, and messages were captured on an answering machine at the front of the office.

“If all of the staff lines were being used, callers would get a busy signal,” Ms. Theis explains. “In this day and age, that is unexpected, frustrating, and unacceptable. We needed a solution that would allow us to upgrade functionality and also cut down on costs.” In mid-2013, as Ms. Theis began to look into a VoIP solution, the scope of the project expanded to the administrative headquarters in downtown Raleigh, including the ticket box office.

The administrative office staff experienced frustrations similiar to those of their call center colleagues, but with other necessary functionality lacking, such as the ability to conference call. “The box office is our revenue source,” explains Director of Marketing Heather Millen. “It is staffed by a small but mighty crew of people who manage all of our in-person sales and answer inbound calls for ticket purchases. They field a multitude of calls at any given time, and the demand for a better phone system was growing.”


North Carolina Theatre Business Manager Tricia McCoy worked with Ms. Theis in the research and decision process to select a new phone system provider. In short order, it became clear celito rose above the rest. celito not only could provide and service the system the theatre needed, with all the desired bells and whistles, but is also backed by first-rate customer service.

The new system was installed in the call center fall 2013. It went live in the downtown administrative headquarters in December of that same year. And the timing could not have been more fortuitous.

Soon after celito completed the staff training, an ice storm struck the Raleigh area during one of the theatre’s biggest shows and the question was: Will the show go on? To continue reading celito’s solution, click the downloadable PDF.