From Old School to Cutting Edge

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When Vice President of Operations Sydney Jamison joined Bagwell & Bagwell in 2009, she knew well the business’s tradition. The great-granddaughter of the agency’s founder, Sydney understood Triangle area families and businesses relied on the long-standing company for insurance protection, generation after generation. What she didn’t know was that while the agency’s coverage had led its clients into the 21st century, its technology solutions were mired somewhere in the latter decades of the previous era.


An agency employee responsible for outsourcing technology support was proud to solely manage this area. However, adoption of “new” technology occurred years after its
introduction, and the long-term staff of 15 was comfortable with its DOS-based systems Client data was archived on paper records, and data security for the agency management system involved employees taking tapes home each evening. The agency contracted with a collection of seven vendors, each for a different service — computer support, phones, fax, email hosting, Internet connection, client data management, and document imaging. Fast-forward to 2011. Ownership began to transition from Ronnie Bagwell, a 45- year agency veteran and the grandson of founder Walter Bagwell, to Drew Honeycutt and Haynes Sherron, chief operating officer and chief financial officer, respectively. Additionally, the employee responsible for outsourcing technology left the business for personal reasons. Drew, Haynes, and Sydney were three of the youngest at the agency, and the lack of technology tools had become a sore spot for them. The trio saw an opportunity to make desperately needed technology updates, all with Ronnie’s support.


“Our first orders of business were to incorporate a cloud-based insurance agency management system, AMS360, and to back up data on employees’ computers,” Sydney remembers of the process that began in April 2012. The current computer support company assured the agency it had the appropriate hardware and bandwidth to make the desired changes.

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