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Bagwell & Bagwell Case Study: From Old School to Cutting Edge

By December 3, 2014 No Comments

At celito, we have been helping companies across Raleigh, NC with their Internet, voice, data and consulting needs for more than 15 years. Almost three years ago, a 95-year-old insurance company, Bagwell & Bagwell, came to us for help migrating their technology services to cutting-edge solutions for the sake of business growth and data security. We were able to transform their business in a matter of months.

Navigating an Emergency Situation

In 2011, Bagwell & Bagwell realized that they needed technology updates badly, so they started to incorporate a cloud-based insurance agency management system, AMS360, which backed up data on employees’ computers. Their computer support company at the time assured them that they had the appropriate hardware and bandwidth to make the desired changes.

During the first day of the transition, it was realized that the current equipment and bandwidth wasn’t exactly what was needed and this is where celito came in.

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We couldn’t have been more proud to help Bagwell & Bagwell regain their momentum and transform their business.

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