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Analyzing the Eclipse 2017: celito’s view

By September 18, 2017 No Comments

With the amount of excitement revolving around last month’s Solar Eclipse and the growing interaction of the internet in our life, we had to expect a significant increase in traffic, right? We heard things such as “cell towers will be overloaded” and “the internet will become slow” but did that really happen?

celito has the unique perspective allowing us to provide glimpses into these questions. While we didn’t see or hear any reports of services taking a crash, we did notice some unique behavior in the network which set off several of our traffic anomaly sensors.

Normal Monday

Since the amount of traffic fluctuates depending on the day of the week we decided to draw comparisons between the same day of the week to remove this variable. A normal Monday, in regard to the traffic we route, starts to ramp up between 7 am – 8 am and quickly starts to tumble after 4 pm. We see you leaving early from work. 🙂

The graph above is a typical Monday (midnight – midnight) and doesn’t really have anything which stands out. The amount of bandwidth in use is directly proportional to normal business hours. The purple is the amount of inbound traffic (Download) while the green is the amount of outbound traffic (Upload). The outbound traffic remains stable throughout the night as activities such as offsite backups occur.

Monday, August 21st, 2017

The graph below (midnight – midnight) shows the traffic seen at the edge of our network heading towards our upstream carriers that Monday.

The most evident aspect is the rapid increase of inbound traffic around 1 pm as people start to live stream the Eclipse as it starts to occur on the west coast. As expected, between noon and 3 pm, the most requested destinations were Microsoft, Facebook, and Akamai CDN(live streaming distribution). As the event starts to come into view in the Raleigh area network, activity starts to drop as people head outside to take in the sights.

An interesting thing to notice is the spike in upload traffic almost right after the Solar Eclipse passes as people start to come back into the office and immediately start sharing on social media. This sharing of media occurs all the way until 5 pm when it suddenly drops as people leave for the day.

This type of activity is typical on big event days (ex. Presidential Inauguration, March Madness, etc.) but we can give the award of most bandwidth ever to be consumed on the celito network to the Solar Eclipse of 2017. Unfortunately, this is a record which most likely won’t stand for long as more and more devices become connected and content becomes an even more integral aspect of our lives.

Maintaining service quality is something we hold deeply and strive to provide even during traffic irregularities. Our network is built with redundancies and to provide capacity for anyone wanting a fast low latency connection up to 1Gbps. For more information on our offerings, please contact celito sales at 919.852.1238 or fill out the form on the right.