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Success Story: The Raleigh School

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celito is the local leader of Internet, voice, data and consulting solutions for businesses in the Triangle. We are Raleigh-born, Raleigh-grown and are committed to our Raleigh area clients. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be who we are today. One of those clients we are proud to partner with is The Raleigh School.

Read further to learn about our relationship and how our fiber Internet helped them provide the best technology for their students.

The Raleigh School

From its beginnings in 1952, The Raleigh School has been committed to progressive education, serving as one of the first non-religious preschools in Wake County. It also was the first parent participatory school in the region.

In 1993, the school expanded to include elementary grades. As it grew and expanded its programs, the school recognized a need for assistance to meet the fast-growing technology demands required to serve its students.

The Challenge

Known for its hands-on, nurturing and love-of-learning environment, The Raleigh School sought ways to enhance learning in the classroom while also providing for stronger communication with the parent community. In order to achieve these goals, the school recognized the need to upgrade its technology infrastructure throughout the campus. While the efforts of many parents had served the school well with regard to technology in the early years of the school, it became clear much needed improvements and enhancements would be necessary in order for the school to meet 21st century demands.

Bud Lichtenstein, the Head of School, explains. “It was frustrating for our teachers because they couldn’t count on the technology available to them.”

“We had strong signals and fast Internet service from celito,” Mr. Lichtenstein remarks, “but we needed to improve the infrastructure – servers, switches, and back-up devices – in order to benefit from the Internet speed available to us. Every building needed fiber optic cable and improved Wi-Fi devices.”

The Solution

celito introduced high speed Internet to The Raleigh School in Spring 2010 and later worked to further upgrade the school’s solution to enable the introduction of advanced technology learning tools, such as Smart Boards in every classroom, and a full set of classroom mobile devices, among others.

“With the convergence of celito’s strong, reliable signals and extremely fast service, with the upgraded infrastructure, our technology took off,” recalls Mr. Lichtenstein. “We now have a Smart Board in every classroom. This coming year we’ll introduce iPads, which teachers can sign out from the library for their lesson use.”

He explains that the fiber optic cable coupled with improved infrastructure gives the teachers an “enormous wave” of resources, adding, “It’s created opportunities and tools to which teachers now have access.”

The Relationship

celito’s goal is to be not only a service provider for our clients but also a solutions provider. We aim to understand needs and solve the underlying issues.

“Our Internet service has been so reliable – it’s like a dream for the school,” says Mr. Lichtenstein with a sense of relief. “It’s solidly consistent, and the speed is instantaneous. I never have to think twice about it or have a concern at all. Our technology chair is continuously telling me about the outstanding performance we get from celito in terms of speed, both uploads and downloads.

“I can’t tell you the world of difference we have between now and four years a ago when I walked in the door,” he adds. “We have a great relationship with celito, and I appreciate their work with us — and I foresee that continuing for years to come.”

Contact us to hear the rest of this story and to see how we can provide you with the solutions you need to run your business efficiently: sales@celito.net or 919.852.1238. Also if you want to read other great stories, check out our case studies page.