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7 What Not To Dos for Hotel Management

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As the leading Internet provider in Raleigh, NC, celito is proud of their clients and what they’re doing to positively affect the Triangle. Raleigh has been named at the top of many different accolade lists in 2015. (1) A hotel in the Raleigh area (2) is even one of the winners of the 2015 Best Hotels in the U.S.A award, named by U.S. News & World Report in January of 2015.


We want to see our hospitality clients in Raleigh do the very best they can by their guests. To do their best, this includes a list of what NOT to do, as hotel management:


  1. Do not avoid negative feedback from reviews. It’s painful at first, but take it, and respond quickly. This shows everyone reading those reviews that you’re willing to work with a disgruntled guest to come up with solutions.


  1. Do not advertise high speed Internet if you don’t have it—even if it’s free. This will just frustrate customers and could cause a poor TripAdvisor review. Although, if you do not have good, reliable Internet, you may get a poor review regardless.


  1. Do not be sloppy with advertisement. This goes without saying but watch your grammar, spelling and word choice when advertising, especially online. It can be deceptively easy to post a typo and you never want to look unprofessional or insincere when communicating with potential guests.


  1. Do not take for granted that your staff will know how to dress or present themselves. Communicate the dress code clearly, as well as personal hygiene standards, to allay any confusion.


  1. Do not pass on personal guest information to anyone asking, even if it’s a friend or family member. Security is sacred and not feeling safe in an establishment is a great way to lose a client.


  1. Do not hesitate to enforce hotel rules, especially if they’re in place to keep other guests comfortable. Things like covering up when not in the pool area and bringing children into the adult areas are meant to keep disturbances to a minimum.


  1. This suggestion is a positive! Focus on being a solutions provider for your guests. Whether that’s providing a super relaxing visit with polite and helpful staff, or the best technology and Internet support for the business traveler.


celito wants to be part of your Internet and technology solution. Let us help you advertise high speed fiber Internet as well as provide it. Tweet us at celitonet if you have a great #whatnottodo as hotel management or contact if you’re interested to see what your Internet options could be. Knock rule #2 off this list today!

P.S. This is Part Two of our Hospitality series, showing how we support the industry. Check out our first installment revealing 3 Groups of Travelers to Watch in 2015.

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